• The Deuter Promise - Free Lifetime Repair



All life on Earth is dependent on water. A secure supply of clean water is vital to people’s livelihoods and sustainable development. Clean drinking water is in short supply and a precious commodity worldwide. And more than two billion people across the world still have no access to it.

What’s our objective?
Wastewater is generated at almost all phases of textile production. We collaborate with our manufacturing partners to find solutions for improving water quality by reducing pollution levels and minimizing hazardous chemicals and substances, therefore cutting any harmful impact our operations have.

How do we contribute?

  • As part of the bluesign® partnership, we work with our suppliers and manufacturers to create more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly products and production processes.
  • We also strive to make improvements further down the supply chain. This is where the consumption of energy and chemicals is highest. We help our suppliers to manage chemicals so that the environment, wastewater, and climate are not polluted unnecessarily. We also plan and implement alternative dyeing processes, wastewater tests and water conservation measures.
  • Years ago, we decided to manufacture all products without environmentally harmful fluorocarbons (PFCs) for the sake of the environment. However, to retain the water- and dirt-repellent properties of previous PFC coatings, we’ve been exclusively using a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) one that’s free from PFCs for all our products since 2020. It is harmless to human and animal health as well as the environment. It also helps us make a sustainable contribution to keeping water clean.


For more details about the steps we’ve taken: Climate Protection.