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Running backpacks & Trail Running packs from deuter

When you’re running trails, it’s essential to have good gear – the right footwear and technical clothing, plus a lightweight, functional speed hiking backpack or running bag. This is to carry your hydration and a first aid kit, so that you stay safe and hydrated on your run through the hills and mountains. At deuter, we’ve developed special trail running backpacks, hydration vests and running belts that will carry what you need but won’t restrict your movement or performance.

For these, we focused on creating a secure, comfortable fit on the torso or waist, keeping the weight to an absolute minimum, and making sure the ventilation is good. Working in collaboration with professional trail runners, we’ve given these hydration prepped bags and packs vest-style shoulder straps and pole attachments to meet the demands of challenging terrain. And for those real minimalists out there, we have trail running vests and running belts made for short, intensive runs. So that your path to the summit, and those breathtaking views is made that little bit easier – and your PB time is within your grasp.

Leightweight and functional: Running backpacks for women and for men

deuter’s trail running backpacks and vests are made using ultra-lightweight and stretchy materials. Their clever construction gives them a wrapping fit on the back and torso while also generating effective airflow. Contents can be compressed to keep the pack streamlined and compact, which eliminates any load wobble while running, even when you’re leaping over rocks and streams.

For women, there are the SL (Slim Line) versions of these trail running vests. With more narrowly set shoulder straps and a shorter back panel, these are designed for shorter people with a narrower build. Our unisex model of trail running backpack / vest combination is available in two sizes: 5 liters or 9 liters. Here, there is little difference in the width and depth between the two sizes.

Fully adjustable shoulder straps and sternum straps create a garment-like fit on both men and women. The shoulder straps are similar to those of a hydration running vest and therefore adapt perfectly to men and women’s body shapes.

What should I look out for when buying a trail running backpack or hydration running vest?

A running backpack needs to fit with your style of running and goals you want to achieve. And so, you should consider what will work best for you. Overall, you should look out for:

  • The right fit: Most trail running vests and backpacks for speed hiking excel at creating a body-hugging, ultra-snug fit on the back, much like a garment you’d wear. But if you like keeping your back freer, then a trail running waist bag is probably best.
  • Lightness: Running packs are designed to be of minimal weight, and so are essentially all lightweight. The larger the pack however, the more it will weigh.
  • Breathability: Despite its wrapping fit, a running pack should still offer ventilation and breathability so that you don’t overheat. Our mountain running backpacks are built for hot, sweaty uphill running.
  • Organization: Having your gear packed away in neat, organized compartments and pockets makes the whole process quicker and smoother while you run. Especially when it comes to hydration packs, the bladder needs to be in its own dedicated hydration compartment to keep it safe from damage. Having somewhere to stash your poles is also a good idea.

How big should a trail running backpack be?

Here too, it depends on what you’re aiming for. Are you going to go on shorter runs for an hour or so? Or do you plan to be out all day? At deuter, we have various models ranging from a trail running waist bag with 1 liter capacity, to a hydration running vest of 5 liters and our trail running backpacks with 15 + liters’ capacity.

The Shortrail running belt for short runs

On shorter runs you might not need a full backpack, but still want to take some snacks and your valuables with you. The Shortrail running belt comes in a range of models, making it an ideal solution for runners. This waist pack comes in three models, with different features.

All three running belts have a PFAS-free, water-repellent finish and are made from recycled PET plastic. 
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Buying a trail running backpack: advice on making the right choice

What’s the difference between a trail running backpack and a running backpack?

Trail running and running backpacks share many similarities: They have a body-hugging fit, are made from lightweight stretchy materials and have effective ventilation across the back. They can, however, vary in size and capacity, since extra gear is usually needed for trail running like a first aid kit and water bladder.

Trail running backpack or trail running hydration vest? Which is best?

There are several factors to consider if deciding between a trail running backpack and a trail running vest, such as personal preference, what you plan to use it for, and how much gear you want to take with you. deuter’s trail running backpacks combine the benefits of both a backpack and a vest: The wide shoulder straps (with soft flask pockets) distribute the weight of the pack and create a snug fit. And with a choice of 7- or 13-liters’ capacity, you can carry food, a first aid kit and more.

Why choose a deuter trail running backpack?

At deuter, we’ve been making outdoor backpacks and outdoor gear for nature lovers and outdoor athletes, for over 120 years. In doing so, we benefit from the input of mountain sports professionals. With a trail running backpack from deuter, you profit from this wealth of experience and passion for the sport. Our packs offer sophisticated designs and clever details to make your trail running adventures more enjoyable. And if you buy a deuter trail running backpack, you will also benefit from the following:

  • Sustainable product design: At deuter, we are committed to ensuring that our products are produced in an environmentally friendly and socially fair way, along the whole supply chain. It’s an ongoing process which we are constantly striving to improve. Reducing our CO2 emissions, banning harmful substances, cutting waste: we work on these goals together with our partners. We are especially proud of the fact we eliminated all PFAS chemicals from our waterproofing finishes in 2020. All deuter products are now made using a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment that is not harmful to plants, animals or humans. As a bluesign® System partner we comply with the highest standards for environmental protection, occupational safety, and consumer protection in the textile industry.
  • Social responsibility: deuter is committed to treating people fairly and adopting social responsibility. We take this responsibility seriously toward our customers, society in general, our employees, and anyone involved with deuter products. With our membership of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles and the Fair Wear Foundation we are happy to have two very effective, influential partners to help guide our work in improving working conditions and production methods in the textile industry.
  • Lifelong repair service: Ideally, your trail running backpack will last your whole lifetime and keep you company on all your runs. But if something does go wrong, like a jammed zip or a split seam, then the deuter repair team will mend it for you professionally — for the lifetime of your backpack.