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6 Back systems

6 Back systems

Each person is unique. Each outdoor activity has its specific challenges. As faithful companions uphill and downhill, on the bike or on the climbing rope, we have developed different back systems. Each is tailored to specific requirements. Now find the system that suits you best! 



For small to medium-sized backpacks designed for use in simpler terrain, we prioritize maximizing ventilation. At the core of our Aircomfort systems, which have been tested and proven over decades, lies a flexible spring steel frame. This frame is highly durable, maintaining stable tension for the breathable back mesh and creating ample ventilation space between the pack and the wearer's back, allowing moist, warm air to dissipate. In 1984, deuter pioneered and patented the world's first mesh back system.

The result:

Reduced sweating due to the superior ventilation provided by the Aircomfort mesh design, which in turn diminishes circulatory strain, enhancing endurance.


The most efficient method of carrying heavy loads occurs when the backpack and wearer seamlessly merge into one entity. This is the essence of our Aircontact principle: the body contact system ensures the weight is brought close to the body, aligning with the center of gravity. Consequently, this configuration enables complete pack control and facilities effective load transfer. Additionally, our Aircontact cushions, crafted from unique hollow chamber foam, ensure exceptional ventilation by capitalizing on the pump effect generated with every movement.

The result:

Reduced perspiration compared to a conventional compact back system, along with exceptional load transfer and a secure, perfectly balanced fit.


In every riding scenario, it's essential for a bike backpack to remain snug against your back. Our innovative Airstripes system ensures a stable fit without any wobbling, while also providing ample ventilation: fresh air continuously flows between the Airstripes pads with ventilation channels and the WideAirMesh cover, thanks to the low back support. This design keeps the weight close to your body, minimizing the effects of centrifungal forces and preventing the backpack from shifting.

The result:

Throughout all riding maneuvers, the backpack stays securely and compactly positioned on your back. Additionally, the Airstripes pads with ventilation channels ensure optimal airflow, covering over 80% of your back with minimal contact surface.


For alpine backpacks, it's vital to balance comfort, durability, and functionality with focus on weight optimization. The Alpine System meets this demand effectively. Its two Softstripe pads adjust flexibly to the back with every movement. Coupled with the streamlined design of the pack sack, the load remains closely aligned with the body's center of gravity, ensuring complete control over the backpack.


The Alpine System provides a snug, secure fit for focused activity in challenging terrains, while also offering supreme comfort and efficient ventilation through the two Softstripe back pads.


Our lightweight backpacks excel in endurance sports and Alpine day hikes. Stripped down to the essentials, they are perfect for comfortably carrying light to medium loads, depending on the volume. However, prioritizing lightness should never compromise durability. This has always been and remains our corporate philosophy because disposable products put strain on the environment, and a backpack that fails in the mountains can pose serious risks.

The result:

Our lightweight backpacks are tailored for those seeking to travel light without sacrificing comfort and durability.


The Contact System's ergonomically shaped back cushions embrace the back, evenly distributing the weight of the load and alleviating strain. Moreover, keeping loads close to the body facilitates easier carrying. Channels between the cushions, along with the breathable, robust 3D Airmesh lining, ensure comfortable ventilation.

The result:

Ergonomically designed Contact back cushions offer carrying comfort by alleviating back strain, keeping the load close to the body, distributing it evenly.

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