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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. 1.) Fill Out Our Warranty Request Form

    If you believe your Deuter product is defective, requires a spare part, or needs repair services, please fill out and submit our warranty request form, located here. PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP – we will often send replacement parts directly to you without requiring a physical pack examination. Save yourself time and money by filling out the Warranty Request Form.

    Our warranty office will reply within one week of receiving your Warranty Request Form regarding next steps for repair or replacement. Please ensure that warranty@deuterusa.com is added to your email contacts, and double and triple check your spam folder if you believe we have not been in touch. Our warranty office will either notify you that replacement parts are on their way or provide further instruction on shipping your product directly to Deuter USA. Please follow all instructions provided in the email from warranty@deuterusa.com.

    2.) Clean Your Pack

    For sanitary reasons and out of respect for our employees, your Deuter product must be clean and completely empty before you send it in for repair. Clean products help us avoid quarantining Deuter employees in the warehouse with only protein bars and water to survive, as well as ensure a speedy processing time. Dirty products give our repair teams watery eyes, respiratory distress, and sometimes skin rashes – if you’d like to avoid extensive staff breaks for recovery, please note our care instructions.

    3.) Ship Your Pack to Deuter

    You will be sent a Return Authorization (RA) number to identify your claim. We recommend that you write your RA number on the outside of the box when sending to Deuter USA.

    Customers are responsible for getting the product(s) to Deuter USA, Inc. Deuter USA will cover ground shipping from our warranty location back to the customer for all items covered under warranty.

    Note: We strongly recommend that all returns sent to Deuter USA, Inc. are carefully packaged, insured, and have a tracking number. Deuter USA, Inc. cannot accept responsibility for shipments that did not arrive or are damaged by the shipper.

    4.) Confirmation

    A repair or replacement is free of charge if it is subject to an eligible warranty claim. Deuter will confirm they have received your pack by email.

    5.) Pack is Repaired and Returned to You

    During busy season (March – September) we'll repair your Deuter product within 4-6 weeks of receiving it. Off-season repair times are shorter. For faster turnaround, please consider sending your products back during the fall and winter months.

    Once it is repaired, Deuter USA will notify you when your pack returns from the shop and the day it ships out, along with the coinciding tracking information for your product. Soon after, you’ll receive your pack and be able to get back out on the trails!

Our repair team will do their best to repair your favourite piece. If we can no longer repair your product, we will offer to replace it with a comparable product, free of charge. If you do not want the current comparable product, we'll ship you back your pack.

Details about our repair service

A backpack consists of up to 220 different parts produced from different materials and can only be separated with great effort or not at all. Unfortunately, technology does not yet make it possible to recycle a backpack.

We deal intensively with recycling or the so-called “end-of-life” of our products. We do this here on-site, but also together with other companies in the sector within the framework of the Sustainability Working Group of the European Outdoor Group (EOG). Ecologically and economically, it would not make sense if every company were to establish its own return system.

If you want to act sustainably, you should use your backpack for as long as possible – either yourself or by passing it on to someone else. All our backpacks can be repaired through our own repair service in Gersthofen. And friends, acquaintances, second-hand shops or used clothing collections of charity organisations are delighted to receive still functional products.

If the backpack is no longer functional or repairable, it should be disposed of with other recyclable materials – under no circumstances do backpacks belong in household waste! Of course, you can return your worn-out backpack to us. We would then dispose of it via the disposal of recyclable materials, i.e. the recycler in charge will sort out the usable components as far as possible and either reprocess them or dispose of them (by incineration).


The fabric from which Deuter products are manufactured is impregnated outside with a water-repellent layer. On the inside, the fabric is equipped with a polyurethane (PU) coating, so that especially very fine nylon or polyester fabric (which we, for instance, use for rain covers) is initially waterproof according to German industrial standards (water column <1400 mm).

In contrast, more coarsely meshed backpack fabric, usually used for highly durable products, only reach water columns under 1,000 m. When new, rain runs off the water-repellent outer surface of the fabric. As the backpacks are used, however, both the water-repellent finish on the outside and the PU coating on the inside lose their effectiveness, so that they are no longer deemed “waterproof” according to DIN standards.

Also, during long periods of rain, moisture can penetrate into the backpack through the seams and zips. We therefore recommend protecting backpacks by using a rain cover in wet weather or rain. Items that must remain dry should be stored in waterproof pack sacks.


About our accessories

Deuter also relies on quality for zippers. We only use zips from the market leader YKK for our sleeping bags and backpacks. These are characterised by their high stability and durability.

We try to repair defective zips, regardless of how long you have had the backpack. As with all complaints / repairs, this must also be handled by a specialist dealer who can send us the backpack for repair.

ONLINE orders, payment & delivery on deuter.com

Items cannot be cancelled as we want to guarantee the fastest possible delivery so that no one has to wait. The same applies to changes in orders. However, a return is possible at any time if you do not like the products, if they do not fit or if you would like another product. 

You will receive an e-mail from us when the return has been received, checked and accepted. We will then transfer the amount back to the original payment method.


So as not to keep you waiting long, we usually process the orders immediately. If you order until 11 am Mountain Time (Mon. - Fri.), the goods are usually shipped the same day. So you can expect a delivery time of approximately 5 working days. Currently we ship the US (incl. Alaska and Hawaii) with FedEx.

You will receive a shipping confirmation and a tracking number of the logistics partner when the shipment has left our warehouse. With the tracking number you can then track the current status of your delivery. 

In this case you can give up a normal return. We ask you to make a note on the return note and fill the formular in completely. It is important that the return note is inside the package or stuck on the package so that we can accept the return. Then you can order your desired product again.

Please note that the delivered products can be returned within 30 days.

In this case we ask you to simply return the product and reorder your desired product. We will refund the amount to your original payment method after receipt and verification of the shipment. 


Deuter works with only two production partners. All our backpacks and accessories come from Vietnam, where our partner Duke has been manufacturing them exclusively since 1994. Our sleeping bags have been manufactured in China since 2003. Since 2015, the synthetic sleeping bags have been manufactured at a branch of the sleeping bag supplier in Myanmar.


In Germany and the United States, elaborate and technically high-quality sewing products can no longer be manufactured in line with market prices. In addition, it is hardly possible to find enough qualified personnel for this type of sewing work – each backpack is sewed together by hand from up to 220 parts. Today, almost no one is trained to work as a “bag maker” or “heavy duty fabric sewer” anymore.

The materials for high-quality backpacks, especially typical robust backpack tissue, are no longer available in Germany and Europe. The raw material suppliers usually follow the producer. This is exactly what happened towards Asia many years ago. If you wanted to manufacture the products in Germany, then you would have to import all raw material from Asia.

Deuter is a European market leader, while Germany is still the strongest selling market. Ecologically and economically, it makes little sense to transport defective products over long distances. In addition, claims and repairs should take place as soon as possible so that you can quickly enjoy your products again. Our extremely low complaints rate allows the repair service to operate directly in Gersthofen and Colorado.


The product development and design are carried out at the Deuter company headquarters in Gersthofen in close consultation with athletes, mountain guides, customers and the retail trade. All Deuter products are hand-stitched in Asia. We work with only two production partners who have been manufacturing our products for many years.


FWF stands for Fair Wear Foundation. The FWF is an independent verification initiative that works with companies and factories. The goal is to improve working conditions in the textile and clothing industry, especially in low-income countries. Since August 2011, Deuter has been a member of the FWF and has therefore committed itself to following strict FWF working guidelines.

This includes the following points:

  1. No forced labour
  2. No discrimination at the workplace
  3. No child labour
  4. Freedom of association and the right to collective negotiations
  5. Living wages
  6. No overtime hours
  7. Safe and healthy working environment
  8. A legally binding employment relationship


We rely on many years of trust-based partnership with our suppliers. This gives us considerable influence over production and production conditions. Every 4–6 weeks, employees of our headquarters in Gersthofen visit the production sites in Vietnam. For one thing, this serves as internal quality assurance, but the working conditions on-site are also checked. We became a member of the Fair Wear Foundation in August 2011. As part of this membership, we regularly have our production sites reviewed by independent experts.


As part of our membership of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF),we have committed to the FWF work guidelines. This also applies to our production partners. The employment guidelines include the prohibition of child labour. Employees may not be hired until they have exceeded school-age, and in no case if they are not yet 15 years old (in China even 16 years old). Adolescents between 15 and 18 years of age may not carry out work that can endanger their health and safety. For example, they may not carry out night work or any overtime work hours. As part of the FWF audit, compliance with these specifications is checked by independent auditors.


The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and Fair Trade pursue very similar goals, namely the improvement of working and living conditions in the supply chains worldwide. However, the focus and the approach differ from one another. As a result, Fair Trade begins at the lowest end of the supply chain: the small farmers in developing countries that cultivate agricultural products, such as cotton, coffee, or cocoa. The FWF, on the other hand, works with companies who manufacture sewing products in factories (or have them manufactured).

In addition, the Fair Trade seal is a product certificate that ensures that a specific product was manufactured in accordance with the Fair Trade guidelines. The focus of the FWF lies in the company and the systems developed by them to ensure good working conditions in the factories in which products are manufactured for them. As an independent non-profit organisation, FWF checks whether its members are actually implementing the specifications in their supply chain and thus making an active contribution to better working conditions in the textile industry.


As part of the bluesign® membership that Deuter joined in 2008, we actively work on ensuring that our products and the entire product cycle, from planning on the computer to delivering to retail, are even more resource-conserving and environmentally friendly. As the first backpack manufacturer in Asia, our exclusive production partner Duke became our exclusive bluesign® system partner in the summer of 2010 and has also committed itself to strict standards. In addition, Duke is certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Our sleeping bag manufacturer has also committed to the bluesign® standard. The bluesign® screening took place in April 2012.

A long product life cycle is the simplest and most effective contribution to resource conservation and, thus, environmental compatibility. Even decade-old products, if technically still possible, are repaired in our repair service in Gersthofen and made functional again.

Finally, the finished goods are brought from Asia to Hamburg or Long Beach by sea and from there to the Gersthofen and Colorado warehouses by rail. The dispatch to the specialist retailer is handled by DPD in Europe and FedEx in North America.


Deuter is the first German sports item manufacturer to join the “European Outdoor Conservation Association“ (EOCA). EOCA dates back to an initiative of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) and is financed through membership contributions and donations. The association promotes various environmental projects with a six-digit contribution every year.

Together with the DAV Summit Club, we have initiated the campaign “Drecksack – tut Gutes – Großes beginnt im Kleinen” [Dirt bag – do good – great things start small”]. The “dirt bag” holds everything which cannot be disposed of sustainably outdoors and is available in retail stores or at young colors for EUR 3.00. For each “Drecksack” sold, EUR 1.00 goes to the mountain forest offensive. We, the trading partners and the DAV Summit Club, do not earn a penny from this initiative.

The prerequisite for a high-quality backpack is the use of the best materials. For a “Deuter” to be able to endure absolutely anything, it is not enough just to use fabric that is well above usual quality norms. It also involves combining suitable materials effectively and creatively in order to design the backpack for a specific intended purpose.

The two most important materials are the synthetic fibres polyamide (nylon) and polyester.

The acronym PFC is well known and has been used as a catch-all term to refer to the broad class of harmful but extremly useful chemicals used in water- , dirt- and grease-repellent finishes on textiles, for example, and in the manufacture of water-repellent and breathable membranes. However, in more specialist publications, the term PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) is now more widely used.

The two acronyms, PFC and PFAS, are generally interchangeable. From the middle of 2019, we dispensed with all PFC/PFAS from our DWR (durable water repellent) finishes - these toxic substances nicknamed "forever chemicals" that leach into the environment during the manufacture, usage, and disposal of products, and are proven to cause  harm to humans, animals and the environment. So while the acronyms is now diffrent, we can still enjoy the same high standards in water and dirt repellency with our environmentally friendly finish, which is also harmless to human and animal health.

bluesign® is the most stringent standard for environmental protection, occupational safety and consumer protection. At all stages of the production chain from raw material to finished product, the aim is to optimise the material use, energy and water consumption, handling of chemicals, noise, waste, waste water, and occupational safety.

The system behind the product sign guarantees a maximum degree of safety for the consumer and ensures that the products are manufactured with a responsible approach to resources and the lowest possible impact on humans and the environment.

Every textile product is the result of a comprehensive manufacturing process. This process requires raw materials and many other components, such as dyes and chemical agents. Tested and sustainably produced components are designated bluesign® APPROVED. This creates a seamless chain of sustainable materials and work steps from the raw material to the finished product.

A bluesign® PRODUCT is exclusively offered by brands that have committed themselves to the bluesign® system. Such a sustainable product consists of at least 90% bluesign® APPROVED textiles and 30% bluesign® APPROVED accessories. The goal is to achieve 100% components confirmed by bluesign®. The overall product guarantees a maximum degree of safety for the consumer.

The adult sleeping bagsAstro and Astro Pro as well as the kids backpacks Kikki and the UP daypacks meet the criteria of the “bluesign® product” labelling. In addition to 95% of the textiles, 30% of our accessories such as buckles or belt straps also meet the environmental standard. It is worth mentioning that for Dreamland, the filling also corresponds to the bluesign® standard, and the down filling for the Astro and Astro Pro is 100% certified according to the RDS.


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You can get replacement parts on request from your local deuter retailer.


Zu den Ersatzteilen

TheDeuter child carriers are suitable for children from about the six-month stage – but can vary greatly.

The maximum load (child plus carrier) is 44lbs. Up to this weight, the product has been checked by TÜV and complies with the European standard. The child seat is designed for 40lbs (weight of the child alone).

Since children grow at different rates, there is no indication of a maximum height. However, the loading weight of max. 24lbs should not be exceeded.

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Airline baggage regulations vary greatly.

We therefore recommend contacting your airline directly to ask about specific baggage regulations.

On the product details pages of our website, you will find the maximum dimensions of our completely filled items as a guide value.

We have collected together all the details about wash and care instructions for backpacks, sleeping bags and Streamers.

We do not offer individual parts of the mouthpiece as independent spare parts.

However, it is possible to purchase the entire mouthpiece at a Deuter retailer near you or, if not available, to reorder it online.

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Repair kits for backpacks are not available, but we promise you a repair.


Daypacks can be purchased as a spare part on request through the Deuter retailer. If the retailer does not have the Daypack in stock, they can reorder it for you. You can find your nearest Deuter retailer here.


Our children’s backpacks do not come with a rain cover.

For “Kids”, “Schmusebär”, we do not have a suitable rain cover in our range.

For the Junior, the Rain Cover Mini would be suitable.


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On the product details pages of our website, you will find the maximum dimensions (volume + dimensions with height, width, depth in cm) of our completely filled articles, as well as the dimensions (also volume + dimensions) of the rain covers.

Please compare these volume indications. This is an easy way to find the appropriate rain protection for your backpack.

Generally, the rain cover can be slightly larger than the backpack. The elastic used to attach the cover onto the backpack allows a certain tolerance.

In any case, you should be able to cover the backpack both when it is empty or completely full.

There is naturally plenty of leeway here. In order to ensure that the rain cover fits perfectly on your backpack, we recommend testing the cover directly when purchasing at your retailer.

In case of detailed questions, however, our customer service department is always happy to help!


sl label

Along with the new logo, deuter will also revise the labeling of the SL products from March 2021. Here the flower makes room for a label that provides information on the SL-specific fit, as well as for a sustainably produced bracelet.

The new label visualizes the fit specially developed for smaller body types: a shorter back, narrower shoulder straps and conically shaped hip fins.
Mehr über das SL Label erfahren

Do you have another question?

Contact our customer service department, we will be happy to help you!