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A Pack for Every Body

A Pack for Every Body

Depending on their purpose, we know that the correct fit and the details are crucial. For this reason there is a whole series of packs - the SL series - that has been specifically designed for people with narrower builds. We also offer backpack models for people with longer backs for those with taller and broader builds.

SL collection (Slim Line): the narrower fit.

A team consisting of designers and top athletes is responsible for the development of our SL line, originally intended for women. Perhaps it is an occupational illness that our experts never want to stand still. They are always on the move, especially when it comes to developing our products; which they have been doing since 2006.

SL models have:

  • A shorter back: Our SL carrying systems have a shorter cut.
  • Narrower shoulder straps: the SL shoulder straps have a pronounced S-shape and soft edges all around. In addition, the ends of the straps taper off narrowly - for a perfect fit in the shoulder area. Close straps are designed to fit narrower shoulders.
  • Conically shaped hip fins: the closed SL hip fins form a cone to fit narrower waists perfectly. This conical shape is created by the upwardly converging lugs and the anatomically adapted design of the SL hip fins. The fins nestle seamlessly to the hips.

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Should I wear an SL rucksack?

The fit of the SL backpacks is based on a narrower, slimmer body profile. All of the SL models are also suitable for those with the following body type:

  • A slim build
  • Those with long legs, and a short back
  • For men’s clothing size S/M

The precise fit of the backpack on the back of the wearer is crucial for optimum comfort. It is therefore essential to try on a weighted backpack in a specialist store.