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A Pack for Every Body

A Pack for Every Body

Recognizing the importance of purpose-specific gear, we understand the significance of proper fit and attention to detail. That's why we offer a range of backpacks tailored to different needs.

Our SL Series is designed for individuals with narrower builds, while we also provide backpack models tailored for those with longer backs, catering to taller and broader builds.

SL collection (Slim Line): the narrower fit.

Our SL line, initially targeted towards women, is the result of collaboration between a team of designers and top athletes. It seems to be ingrained in our experts' nature to never remain stagnant; they are constantly on the move, particularly in the development of our products, and the SL line has been something they have been dedicated to perfecting since 2016.

SL models have:

  • A shorter back: Our SL carrying systems are tailored with a shorter cut.
  • Narrower shoulder straps: The SL shoulder straps are ergonomically shaped with soft edges and a pronounced S-shape. They taper off narrowly at the ends to ensure a snug fit around the shoulders, ideal for narrower frames.
  • Conically shaped hip fins: The closed SL hip fins are designed to conform perfectly to narrower waists. This conical shape is achieved through upwardly converging lugs and an anatomically adapted design. The fins seamlessly hug the hips for optimal comfort.

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Should I wear an SL rucksack?

The design of the SL backpacks caters to a slimmer, narrower body profile. Moreover, all SL models are compatible with individuals who have the following body types:

  • A slim build
  • Those with long legs, and a short back
  • For men’s clothing size S/M

Ensuring the backpack fits snugly on your back is crucial for ultimate comfort. That's why it's important to try on a weighted backpack at a specialty store before buying.