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Deuter products are perfectly tailored to their users!

Depending on their intended purpose, we know that the correct fit or details can be crucial. For this reason, we develop backpacks with various mountaineering activities in mind. These have functions such as adjustable hip fins or helmet holders. For women, there is a whole series that has been specifically designed for the female anatomy. We also offer models for people with longer backs.

SL collection (Slim Line): the fit for women

A team consisting of designers and top athletes is responsible for the development of our women’s SL line. Perhaps it is an “occupational illness” that our experts never want to stand still. They are always on the move, especially when it comes to developing our products; which they have been doing since 2006.

The fit of our backpacks is based on an average person of athletic build. Since not everyone meets the norm, women’s styles may very well fit some men while in turn men’s models may be comfortable for some women.

SL models have:

  • a shorter back: Women usually have a slightly shorter back than men. Our SL carrying systems are therefore adapted to the female anatomy and have a shorter cut.
  • narrower shoulder straps: the SL shoulder straps have a pronounced S-shape and soft edges all around. In addition, the ends of the straps taper off narrowly - for a perfect fit in the shoulder area. Close straps are designed to fit the narrower female shoulders.
  • Conically shaped hip fins: the closed SL hip fins form a cone to fit the female anatomy perfectly. This conical shape is created by the upwardly converging lugs and the anatomically adapted design of the SL hip fins. The fins nestle seamlessly to the female hip.

The fit of our rucksacks is based on the sporty built average of people. Since not everyone meets the standard, women's models can fit men well and men's models are comfortable for many women to wear.


On average, a woman can carry less than a man. She also has less muscle strength at her disposal. The SL development team therefore wanted to do away with any “extra little pockets”. On the contrary, all SL models, like the standard versions, are trimmed to the ideal well-designed features-to-weight ratio.

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WomEn feel the difference

“The difference is immediately noticeable and convinces in a few words. I myself only go on my tours with Deuter SL”, says Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner – who has successfully climbed all 14 eight-thousand metre peaks without bottled oxygen in fair sporting style. She has been a member of the Deuter SL Development Team since 2005.

I am a man: can I wear an SL rucksack?

Yes! The fit of the SL backpacks is based on an average woman of athletic build. However, since not all women are “average”, our standard models are suitable for some women. Conversely, all of the SL models are also suitable for men:

  • for a slim build, aside from the unisex fit
  • for long legs, because they have a short back
  • for men’s clothing size 44–48 (S/M)

The precise fit of the backpack on the back of the wearer is crucial for optimum comfort. It is therefore essential to try on a weighted backpack in a specialist store.

EL series (Extra Long): the fit for long backs

Our Extra Long (EL) backpacks offer perfect wearing comfort for tall people! Athletes between 1.85 and 2.00 metres in height often have a hard time finding backpacks that fit them. We have therefore extended the back lengths of the most popular Deuter backpack models by six to nine centimetres to match the proportions of larger persons. The backpacks of the Extra Long (EL) Series also offer a larger amount of space with more volume. The back system, properties and details of the individual EL models are the same as the corresponding standard model. 

Here is a small selection of our EL backpacks:
Trans Alpine 32 EL
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Futura 30 EL
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Futura PRO 44 EL
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