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The ultimate backpack for climbing, blouldering & alpine climbing

Conquering summits, opening up new routes, fighting gravity and getting closer to the heavens. Whether it’s a multi-pitch bigwall route, a climbing expedition, sport climbing or alpine climbing – there’s a style of climbing and style of climbing backpack to suit everyone. We are able to create the perfect fit by designing  climbing backpacks for men and climbing backpacks for women to suit the anatomy of people of various shapes and sizes. Maximum functionality and minimum weight are the name of the game with the Gravity series from deuter. The Gravity is a climbing and bouldering stalwart. The Guide backpack series is also built for light weight and designed for alpine climbing and via ferratas. And the Durascent is a series of waterproof climbing backpacks.

Developed by professional climbers

Lightweight performance for climbers who want to keep weight to a minimum

Climbing backpacks with the deuter Lite back system for:
  • Climbing alpine routes in a day, via ferrata, sport climbing
  • Extreme mountaineering, speed climbing – where light weight and a snug fit are needed


Minimized weight for unrestricted performance. The Gravity Pitch and Gravity Expedition climbing backpacks feature the deuter Lite back system for reduced weight and top functionality. By optimizing the quantity of materials used and stripping back the design for maximized efficiencies. With a Gravity Pitch or Gravity Expedition backpack you’ve got the ideal setup for shorter and longer climbing projects.

waterproof climbing backpacks: The Durascent  from deuter

Whether it’s a day of rock climbing, or a scramble and hike tour over several days, the Durascent brings with it top functionality and maximum comfort. What is the Durascent designed for?

  • Sport climbing: lightweight with simple organization, the Durascent is an ideal sport climbing backpack.
  • Alpine climbing: these packs have clear organization and offer plenty of space for your climbing gear.
  • Hiking: the packs in the Durascent range are also well suited to hiking thanks to their tough build and sophisticated back system.


The Softstripe back padding on these climbing backpacks keeps it comfortable and snug against the body – ideal for spreading the load across a wider area. It’s especially important that your pack sits firmly in place when moving over challenging uneven terrain. Which is why our Durascent models feature the deuter Alpine back system. It creates a solid, wobble-free fit, while the Softstripe padding generates airflow across the back. With extras like an ice axe loop, helmet holder docking loops, an SOS label with emergency numbers and more, the Durascent is ready for any mountain adventure. Well organized compartments keep your gear easily accessible, even over several days.

Special highlight: The Durascent models are part of our waterproof backpack range. Which means your climbing gear, clothing and valuables will stay dry in foul weather. This alpine pack has practical gear loops to attach climbing gear and stowable hip fins which means you can easily wear it with a climbing harness.

The Durascent comes in a range of sizes and fits to suit your body and the kind of activities you plan to undertake:

  • Durascent 44 +10: multi-day climbing trips
  • Durascent 42 + 10 SL: designed for shorter people with a narrower build, and for multi-day climbing trips
  • Durascent 30: for 1- to 2-day climbing trips
  • Durascent 28 SL: designed for shorter people with a narrower build, and for 1- to 2-day climbing trips 

The deuter Gravity series for lightweight alpinists:

Gravity Pitch

A secure fit and maximum range of movement on multi-pitch climbing routes with the ultralight Gravity Pitch backpack. The deuter Lite back system and ergonomic shoulder straps create a snug, solid fit while maintaining effective ventilation and carrying comfort thanks to its 3D mesh covering. The compact dimensions of this climbing backpack are wholly unrestrictive for making big reaches on rock, and at 12 liters volume they easily accommodate everything you need for climbing. It’s also prepped for a hydration system. So you can drink water during your climb and stay hydrated. The body fabric of bluesign® certified which means the responsibility has been inspected along the entire supply chain.

Find out more about the bluesign® standard which deuter has adopted.

The Gravity Pitch is for:

  • Multi-pitch climbing routes and sport climbing
  • Alpine climbing, where minimal gear is required

Gravity Expedition

The Gravity Expedition is one of the lightest 45-liter backpacks on the market. The concept for this climbing backpack stems from our close collaboration with Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Ralf Dujmovits. The Gravity Expedition has been steadily fine-tuned over the years and is now wholly geared toward the demands of expedition climbing. On the one hand bigger, heavier loads need to be carried. But for the summit push you need a lightweight climbing-specific backpack with technical features. The SL version of this climbing pack is specially designed to suit women’s anatomy and offers climbers 53 liters’ capacity (45 L with 8 liters extension). But the weight is evenly spread across the back, saving valuable energy. And if you want to strip away more weight, the backpack lid and Delrin® U-frame are easily removed. The bluesign® certification is evidence that the main fabric comes from a supply chain that’s sustainable and socially responsible.

No wonder Fabian Buhl rates it as his top tip for climbing expeditions.

The Gravity Expedition is for:

  • Extreme mountaineers and climbers
  • Expeditions where every gram counts

Hybrid climbing backpacks: multi-use on rock or for the gym

Gravity Motion: Duffel backpack combo

As a hybrid between a duffel bag and a climbing backpack, the deuter Gravity Motion encompasses the best of both. Its intuitive handling and zip around opening on the back, makes it a simple yet effective companion on climbing weekends or for heading out to the crag after work. Despite its spacious 40-liter volume, this climbing and bouldering backpack is compact and aside from a large main compartment, also has two side pockets for rock shoes, a first aid kit or extra gear you need to be able to access quick. With its deuter Contact back system and ergonomic shoulder straps, it offers a comfortable carry and a snug fit on rock or at the climbing wall. The Gravity Motion, in 100% bluesign® certified materials, is made under fair working conditions. There is an SL version for those with a shorter back and narrower shoulders.

The Gravity Motion is for:

  • Climbing gym and cragging / trad climbing
  • Sport climbing

Climbing backpack and haul bag in one: Gravity WALL BAG

Haul bags are not known for being comfortable to carry. But the Gravity Wall Bag comes with the deuter Alpine back system for carrying it like a backpack and which is neatly zipped away when it’s no longer needed. It offers the snug, secure fit, carrying comfort and ventilation you’d expect from a climbing backpack. Our aim was to create a rope bag that you could shoulder and carry like a backpack, yet still use for hauling gear up a rock face. Ropes, carabiners, harness etc. all have space in the 50-liter backpack. Made from super tough TPU material, it is resistant to sharp rocky conditions on the wall. The back system features a secondary zipper opening so you can access contents from the back. 

The Gravity Wall Bag is for:

  • Extreme climbers and mountaineers
  • Tough climbing routes & alpine-style projects

Functional minimalism: climbing backpacks from deuter

Whether you’re a beginner climber with alpine ambitions or already an experienced via ferrata climber, our Guide series of mountaineering backpacks are suited for via ferrata climbing. With details and features that you really need, instead of countless straps and gear loops. If it’s an alpine via ferrata above the tree line or a sports route closer to the valley, the deuter via ferrata backpacks keep everything you need exactly where you need it.

Choosing the right climbing pack: Sizes & fits

When you’re just starting out, it can be hard to decide what size climbing pack to take on your first climbing trips. How big your climbing pack should be and what volume you need really depends on how long your trip or route is going to be. Want to find out more about the correct backpack size? Then why not check out our pages about fit, back length and backpack sizing. And we’ve also got a really useful packing list for alpine climbing to use as a reference for your first forays into mountaineering and rock climbing.

Caring for your climbing backpack

Caring for your climbing backpack is the best way to ensure it remains your steadfast climbing buddy for many years to come. On the whole that just means a quick going over with a damp cloth. Find out why you should not machine wash your backpack to get rid of sweat and dirt stains, in our Backpack care advice pages.

Why choose a deuter climbing backpack?

We’ve been equipping professional climbers with deuter climbing packs since 1938! Today, our product development teams includes several professional boulderers, mountaineers and climbers. The Gravity series is the culmination of trial and error, plenty of brain work, chalk and persistent reevaluation. You can find out more about deuter’s history in our blog pages.

What makes climbing backpacks from deuter the best choice for sports climbing, alpine climbing and multi-pitch-climbing

  • Range of fits for all genders: The Gravity Expedition and Gravity Motion climbing backpacks from deuter are available in various fits to create the best fit on a range of different body shapes. For the Gravity Expedition, there is a Regular fit which will suit some men, and an SL version which will suit some women and people with a shorter back, with narrower shoulder straps, conical hip fins and a shorter back panel, which makes them suited to the female anatomy.
  • Robust & high-quality: The materials selected is what sets the standard for the quality of a backpack. When you’re in extreme mountain situations with rock and ice around, you can’t afford to have anything break. deuter climbing backpacks are sturdy, hard-wearing and durable, so they will last many years.
  • Light weight: Light weight and freedom of movement are key characteristics of deuter climbing backpacks and via ferrata backpacks. Their stripped-back, optimized shape uses minimal materials which saves weight, but doesn’t compromise on quality.
  • Sustainable: Environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and manufacturing practices are extremely important to us. In addition to the PFAS-free waterproofing of deuter products we contribute to fair trade and fair working conditions. deuter is a member of the bluesign® system, the world’s strictest standard for environmental protection, occupational safety, and consumer protection in the textile industry. It is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. You can find out all about our Responsibility here.
  • Lifelong repair service: If, after many years of trusty service, your backpack becomes damaged, then we will happily mend it for you. Find out more about our Repair Service.