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Together we care

Together we care

One of nature’s unique quirks.

Did you know that the 25,000+ types of lichen in the world form a symbiotic partnership between fungi and algae, enabling them to become established in habitats that they could not otherwise colonize on their own?

They are living proof that we achieve more when we work together and that an effective network allows all parties to benefit. It’s a unique quirk of nature. And serves as an example for us.

One of nature’s gifts.

Did you know that an ordinary drop of water has a total volume of 50 µl and that drinking around 50,000 drops a day is the minimum required for adults?

So, these tiny little drops have a big influence on people, animals and plant life. They form the basis for all life and must be kept pure.

One of nature’s masterpieces.

Did you know that pound for pound, spider silk is four times as strong as steel and can stretch up to three times its own length before ripping?

Which makes it a state-of-the-art material with outstanding functionality that’s also harmless to the environment.

One of nature’s superheroes.

Did you know that grasshoppers use their wings to sing and their legs to hear, as well as to propel them up to two meters away? It’s equivalent to a child jumping 105 meters in one bound.

This proves they not only have incredible superpowers, but also highlights just how important it is to protect these wonderful and unique natural creations.