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Gender equality is a universal human right and crucial to sustainable development worldwide. The focus is on equal opportunities and the right of girls and women to lead independent lives.

What’s our objective?

We advocate for the rights of women and girls and people of other genders, offer work-life balance programs, and ensure compliance with equal opportunities in our company and along our supply chain.

How do we contribute?

  • At deuter, salaries are compared and set as objectively as possible and not decided based on gender. However, even in our company, the majority of women are at the lower end, or middle of the pay scale, so that their income is on average lower. We’re trying hard to change this in the long term.
  • In addition to upskilling courses, we also offer tailored flextime models. At the moment, these options are primarily used by working mothers. The option to work from home also makes flextime easier.
  • Co-workers who return to work after taking parental leave, receive an allowance toward the cost of childcare. What’s more, we offer additional paid leave if family emergencies occur.
  • We also require our producers to be equal opportunity employers. Discrimination based on gender is not permitted. To reinforce this message, we provide frequent training on worker empowerment or gender equality, for instance. Local co-workers in manufacturing countries and the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) audit compliance with requirements on a regular basis. Should shortcomings become apparent, we collaborate to come up with solutions and their implementation is audited.
  • We’re involved with some non-profit associations and organizations that promote social equality, inclusion, and support for those in need. We also help establish welfare facilities by providing funding, or support in the form of donations in kind.  Partner sites: ELK, Blackpacker, Camber Outdoors, St. Gregor, Nepalhilfe


For more details about the steps we’ve taken: Employees.