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Education increases life expectancy more than a higher income because it changes mindsets and brings about innovations. It empowers people to improve their life chances and drives sustainable development.

What’s our objective?

To improve their social and financial circumstances, we upskill our own and our business partners’ co-workers by providing in-house and external training. We pass on expertise to enable customers to make informed purchasing decisions and our retailers to provide comprehensive support.

How do we contribute?

  • Our focus is on our employees’ professional and personal development. Development requirements and goals are integral to co-workers’ annual appraisals. Tailored upskilling programs are then agreed.
  • Our training options include frequent courses on more general issues, such as communications and presentations, or on IT applications, which are interesting to a large number of people. We provide specific workshops or training for co-workers in major projects too. There’s also a dedicated series of executive seminars that are organized across the company.
  • deuter also offers wholesale and export apprenticeships.
  • The deuter Promise raises our co-workers’ awareness about the importance of a sustainable mindset across all departments and in their private lives. We frequently run comprehensive CSR courses. To increase learning, we also disclose the results of our sustainability measures and details of achievements in our Promise Report.
  • Our deuter Promise details the strategic steps we’ve taken so that customers can make informed purchasing decisions.
  • We use our reach to educate society on the importance of sustainable consumption. The purpose of the deuter Promise Tour is also to provide a platform for interacting with customers.
  • We offer retailers training programs on product-specific and CSR issues, both of which are essential when providing comprehensive customer support.
  • As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), we train our producers on site. We conduct regular training on worker empowerment, gender equality, labor minute costing, health and safety for the whole workforce, brief employees about the Code of Labor Practices (CoLP), current legislation and employee rights and strive to improve communication so that people can help themselves should disputes occur.


For more details about the steps we’ve taken : Employees.