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deuter Pro Base FAQ

deuter Pro Base FAQ

Please fill out an application form, upload any required documents and submit everything together. The application will be processed within 5 working days. You will then receive an e-mail telling you your account has been activated, or that we need further documents from you first, or that your application has been rejected.

We are sorry to hear that. We review every application carefully and diligently. If we cannot approve applications, we will let you know if we need additional documentation or if the requirements for membership approval have not been met.

Sometimes emails from companies end up in your spam folder. You can avoid this by adding deuter to your trusted/ safe sender list in your email account.

The membership is valid for one year from activation. Shortly before expiration we will send you a reminder email about the end of your membership. You can then extend your membership by re-applying for another year.

Shortly before expiration we will send you a reminder email about the end of your membership. You will then have the option of renewing your membership by submitting a new application. If you decide not to do so, you will still be able to log in with your registration data but will only receive regular pricing.

The discount granted depends on the product group. Discounts are always the same for all Pro Base members. Any discount is only granted for personal use. The level of discount will be displayed when you log in.

Look at your activation date. Your membership is valid from that day for the period of one year.

If you have previously ordered via our ‘normal’ customer account and you then log in to the deuter Pro Base, you will receive the following error message: "There is already an account registered to this email". Either you use another email address that you regularly check or send an email to beratung@deuter.com and attach your completed Pro Base application form, as well as any other documents required. We will then process your registration for you.

You will find the login area for the deuter Pro Base in our customer account area. This is marked in the navigation pane by a person icon.

It is important that you use the email address that you created the account with. Also, typos can easily occur. And make sure you spell it correctly and that there are no spaces.

The amount you purchase is limited each year. You can see what your limit is in your login area.

By registering, you have agreed that we may inform you by e-mail about product news, possible recalls, safety information or other important issues. You can decide if you want to also receive our newsletter by opting in during the registration process.

Your login info is made up of your email address and password. You will find this data in your customer account area once you have logged in.

Simple. Click on "Forgot your password?" and we will send an email to the email address you provided, with a link to reset your password.

Please contact us directly here.

Yes, of course. You can specify a different delivery address or a parcel locker as your delivery address before completing your order.

If you are a resident of Germany or France, you can have goods shipped to countries within the EU. For Austrian residents, we can only deliver to Austria. For Swiss residents, only to Switzerland. You can find more information about shipping costs here.

Your feedback is crucial in making our products even better. So, we would love you to send us feedback on our products. Please use the following contact form. Select the subject "Feedback Pro Base" under "Your request".

You will find an "Address addition" field in both the registration form and in your customer account and can enter your company name here. If it is a registered company, we automatically issue invoices including VAT to your company. If you are a company and would like to order using your VAT number, please contact us via the contact form.

Since your account is only designed for your own personal use, you cannot use it to order for your employees. Of course, your employees can apply for their own deuter Pro Base membership, as long as the corresponding requirements are met.

Big orders e.g., for your company’s gear pool, that exceed your personal purchasing limit can be placed directly with the deuter Pro Base team. Contact us via our contact form and give us the details of your request (number of pieces, purpose, nature of your company, etc.).

Vorbestellungen, wie z. B. für den Ausrüstungspool deines Unternehmens, können über die Pro Base nicht abgegeben werden. Kontaktiere uns dafür über unser Kontaktformular und teile uns dort gleich die konkreten Details deiner Anfrage mit (Stückzahl, Verwendungszweck, Art deines Unternehmens, etc.).

If you have any questions about our products, an order you placed or returns, or if you want to talk to us directly about a specific topic, please fill in a contact form for our customer service.

Or call us: +49 (0) 821 4987-0

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