Deuter child backpacks

Backpacks for school and play

The right backpack for every age

Deuter’s child backpacks accompany children from their first discoveries right through to becoming an adult. Toddlers are best equipped with the Pico. Children in kindergarten enjoy the company of Schmusebär and Kikki. For children aged 5 and over, we offer the Junior, while for school children, the Climber and Fox are ideal companions in their leisure time. There is a useful backpack for every age, specifically designed to suit the child’s anatomy and needs.

Kindergarten and pre-school


Our smallest backpack, the Pico, accompanies children on all their adventures, even when in nursery. It is available in two bright colours and suitable for small adventurers aged 2 and above. This backpack is also 100% PFC-free. Giving the little ones a big boost!


The Schmusebär is a classic among children’s backpacks. This backpack gives lots of joy to children from about 3 years of age. Colourful patterns and clever functions make it ideal for toddlers.


The Kikki is not only a merry little bird but also thoroughly sustainable. As a certified bluesign® product, the Kikki complies with the strictest standard worldwide for consumer protection, occupational safety and environmental protection. It is a useful and loyal companion for little adventurers aged about 3 and over.

Daily companions for children aged 5 and over


The Junior is the first mountaineering backpack for children aged 5 and over. Its neat, alpine design is the right choice for up-and-coming athletes ready to discover the mountains step by step. With the Airstripe back system and the soft-edge shoulder straps, this backpack is comfortable, even for longer trips, and well-ventilated.

For alpine excursions, camps or hut-to-hut trekking tours


With the Climber, children aged around 7 and over are provided with a full-featured alpine backpack. Equipped with the Alpine Back system, compact hip fins, and many possibilities for attaching gear such as hiking sticks and carabiners.


This fully-equipped trekking backpack will delight children from about 7 years of age on longer tours, camping trips and pathfinder hikes. The best thing about it: it grows with you! Thanks to the height-adjustable back system, it will give joy for many years to come before the teens can then switch to regular models.

The Fox 40 is the larger variant of the Fox backpacks. It offers the same great features as its little brother such as the easy to carry Alpine Back system, lots of attachment possibilities for gear, an effortlessly tightened hip belt, a chest strap with an integrated signal whistle and much more!