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AViANT travel backpack with NFC technology

AViANT travel backpack with NFC technology

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. This refers to a secure standard in RFID technology specialising in short distances.

NFC is also used for various payment methods such as EC cards, credit cards or services such as Apple Pay and Google Play. The technology is often used in addition to Bluetooth. For example, when connecting radio headsets.

How does NFC work?

In the case of Deuter, slim, self-adhesive chips are used. These are passive, which means that the chip doesn’t store or transmit anything. The chips are coupled with information (a URL). As soon as a terminal device such as a smartphone sends out an NFC signal and is located close enough to the chip, it will reflect the stored information as an “echo”.

NFS is currently compatible with all android smartphones (tablets as well) of the OS 4.0 version or higher. With Apple, devices starting from the iPhone 7 are compatible.

Several devices are already able to read NFC without needing another app, as long as it is activated. Somewhat older devices in particular usually require an additional app.

What can the AViANT series with NFC do and how does it benefit me?

The NFC chips of the AViANT series lead to websites that offer the following functionalities:

Our gift for you

After registering, Deuter will send you a free travel accessory. Scan your NFC chip now and secure your gift!

Which data goes where, why, and are they safe?

No data are saved on the chip. This way, strangers won’t be able to read any data from the chip. All stored data (contact information, further registered products) are stored on an external database and managed by Deuter. These data will also not be passed on at a later time. Deuter only uses the data for marketing purposes (e.g. newsletter) after having received consent to do so.

The purchased product has already been registered. What do I do? 

Or would you like to sell your registered product?

You can delete this registration for registered products via the link in the registration confirmation. If the link has expired, you can also cancel the registration via email. 

Here are some examples of AViANT travel backpacks using the NFC technology: