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Our planet deserves our best. That’s why we try to find the best solutions to make our production people- and ecofriendly. Embracing responsible production standards isn’t just a choice, it’s a duty.

deuter goes Skyrunner World Series

deuter goes Skyrunner World Series

Official sponsor for running vests & backpacks

Our Traick Vest is the official trail running vest of the Merrell Skyrunner World Series! It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of professional trail runners. To offer trail runners around the world the experience of comfort, lightness and freedom of movement, we have teamed up with the Merrell Skyrunner World Series.




The absolute freedom in route selection. The wide range of uses. A versatile gravel bike allows all this. And always exudes a sense of adventure. Gravel bikes are ideal companions for bikepacking, where your own luggage is transported on the bike.

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