• The Deuter Promise - Free Lifetime Warranty


  1. The deuter Pro Base supports experts, trainers, and individuals living in Germany, Austria, Switzerland,  France or Italy who have an increased need for equipment due to their professional involvement in the world of mountaineering. Membership is reserved exclusively for individuals or small businesses subject to VAT.
  2. No one is entitled to the deuter Pro Base membership. It is not a transferable right. Misuse of the guidelines will result in a permanent exclusion from the program.
  3. You may make purchases only for your own personal needs. The deuter Pro Base may not be used to place orders for third parties, to order gifts, or to purchase goods for their resale.
  4. Membership in the program and purchases made as part of this membership are based on the assumption that you are an individual or small business owner, in accordance with our general terms and conditions.
  5. Membership does not grant any entitlement to the purchase of any products. We reserve the right to limit items for sale. Furthermore, products cannot be reserved or ordered in advance. There is a limit to the annual purchase volume.
  6. We reserve the right to make changes at any time to the terms and conditions of your membership and of purchase, as well as to the guidelines, and to terminate anyone’s membership (e.g. in the event of misuse) without notice, without compensation and without having to provide a reason. deuter assumes no liability for the third-party misuse or fraudulent use of customer accounts.
  7. All members must renew their professional membership once a year by resubmitting current and complete receipts using the corresponding function in the customer’s account.
  8. Support local sports retail partners because many of them also offer special deals to professionals such as mountain guides and mountain rescuers, among others. If this applies to your local deuter reseller, please take advantage of such an offer first.
  9. Please remember that, in your professional capacity and because of your program membership and use of our products, you represent and have a responsibility towards the deuter brand. You are supposed to help promote us and our sports retail partners. Please conduct yourself accordingly.
  10. We ask that you refrain from trying out our products or seeking advice at a local sports store before making a deuter Pro Base purchase. Sizing and product information is available online, and we are happy to advise you as much as you need by phone or email.   
  11. Your deuter Pro Base membership is strictly confidential. Please do not talk to anyone about your terms and conditions. This would compromise us and our retail partners.
  12. Returns and complaints may only be made via our online shop. Returns and complaints may not be made to our retail partners if the goods in question were not purchased from them. Any such breach shall result in termination of membership.
  13. As an outdoor professional, the greater demands you place on your gear may shorten the normal lifespan of our products. They often wear out more quickly as a result. Therefore, we reserve the right to classify any such cases under normal wear and tear. They do not constitute a material defect. Damage from tearing, abrasion, UV degradation, misuse, or neglect is not covered under our warranty terms and conditions, but it may be repaired at a reasonable cost.