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Our supply chain

Our supply chain

COVID-19 Statement 


The global COVID 19 outbreak is assuming proportions that present us with unprecedented challenges and far exceed the scope of action of any single company. Regardless, our commitment to respecting human rights among our production partners and suppliers holds true. As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and as a member of the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles, but also as a responsible company, we want to mitigate negative impacts of the COVID 19 outbreak on the factories and workers in the textile supply chain, both individually and together with other stakeholders, and secure stable relationships for the future. Our actions are characterized by a spirit of partnership and an understanding of shared responsibility among all actors in the supply chain.

Our principles

deuter has been working closely with its production partners Duke and Bellmart for several decades - even in the current challenging times for deuter. We are aware of our special responsibility and are committed to the following measures:

  • We maintain a close dialogue with our supply chain partners to jointly find ways to minimize the negative impact of the crisis and to protect workers* in particular;
  • We are working with other stakeholders to find collective solutions to best mitigate the negative impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak;
  • Continue to work beyond the immediate crisis situation to help stabilize supply chains and strengthen partnership relationships through responsible and fair sourcing practices.


  • We generally refrain from canceling orders, especially if they have already been confirmed and/or material has been purchased for them.
  • We adhere to agreed payment terms, if necessary advance payments will be arranged.
  • Delayed deliveries due to the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak will not be sanctioned.
  • Workers shall receive their due wage and severance payments in the event of factory closure (provision of emergency financial assistance).
  • We check whether wages can continue to be paid in the event of a production plant shutdown and whether concessions can be made, e.g. through adjusted payment terms, in order to secure wage payments.
  • If necessary, we examine support options, such as the provision of emergency financial aid for workers to bridge wage losses or layoffs in conjunction with other actors/country level.
  • New order forecasts are communicated to suppliers early and updated regularly. Lead times are closely coordinated with our partners.


  • adequate protective measures are implemented to reduce the risk of infection. This also applies to the transport of workers to and from the production site.
  • Workers are informed of these protections and their rights, and have access to worker/union representatives and other effective grievance mechanisms.
  • Suppliers comply with government mandated measures.


In order to avert negative impacts on all actors involved and especially the workers in the supply chain, the current situation requires mutual accommodation and partnership from all parties involved, as well as close communication and flexibility. The COVID-19 crisis can only be overcome together. At the same time, the current situation underscores what must be true now more than ever for the future: Fair and cooperative relationships between buyers and suppliers form the basis for stable global supply chains.  

For further information, please contact Marco Huehn, marco.huehn@deuter.com, deuter Sport GmbH, Daimlerstr. 23, 86368 Gersthofen, Germany.