Lifelong repair service

For Customers in the European Union

With Deuter, quality and sustainability are paramount.

This responsibility does not end with the sale of our products. We want to be a lifelong companion for people. We therefore give you the Deuter promise for our products. This means that we offer you a worldwide, lifelong repair service for your favourite Deuter pieces.

Warranty and guarantee – the underlying facts

As a manufacturer, we offer a 2-year guarantee from the date of purchase for each Deuter product in addition to the statutory warranty claims. The guarantee can be used in all countries in which a Deuter product has been sold and authorised by us.
Within this two-year warranty period, through product repair or replacement, we eliminate all defects due to material or manufacturing errors free or charge. The warranty excludes damages caused by improper use, personal negligence, normal wear and tear, and defects that have a marginal effect on the value or usability of the product. The warranty becomes void if the service providers are not authorised by us and if parts other than original Deuter replacement parts are used.

Procedure in case of repair

What do I have to do to send in my Deuter product for repair?

What happens if you cannot repair my product?

Our tailors Özlem and Eugen will do their best to repair your favourite piece. If we can no longer repair your product, then the cost of processing may be incurred (processing fees and postage), even though your item is returned to the retailer without repair. We ask for your understanding. However, the retailer can help you gauge in advance whether your product is still repairable.

For Customers in the USA

We promise to repair any Deuter pack free of charge, no matter its generation or the reason for damage or defect. Regardless of how many trail miles it has seen, we’ll attempt to stitch it up for many more adventures to come. If this pack is deemed to be truly at the end of its trail life and is irreparable, we’ll replace it with the closest comparable pack.