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The most beautiful treks in the world
The most beautiful treks in the world

Pack your backpack and off you go. What better way to explore the endless beauty of nature than trekking? Whether it's North America or South East Asia. All over the world there are wonderful long-distance hiking trails to explore unknown areas. Here we present a selection of the most beautiful treks worldwide by our deuter athletes and partners.

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Overview of all Treks

The 3841 m high pyramid of Monte Viso was long considered the highest mountain in the Alps. On the lonely trek around the "Matterhorn of the South" between Italy and France, ibexes and eagles can be observed.

Distance: About 35km
Duration: 7 days (about 5-6 walking hours per day)
Start: Chiange
Finish: Chianale
Elevation in ascent: About 4.000 m
Elevation in descent: About 3.300 m

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The Selvaggio Blu in Sardinia is arguably one of the most beautiful coastal hiking trails in the world!

Distance: about 55km (according the route)
Duration: 5 – 7 days according the route
Start & Finish: normaly Sta. Maria de Navarese til Cala Sisine
Elevation: 2.500 – 3.000 m (according the route)

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One of the few transnational hiking trails and a "hidden treasure" for nature lovers and hikers, because the mountainous region of Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania has remained almost untouched until now.

Distance: 111km [114 km with the peak Hajla], complete Trail 192 km
Duration: 12 days
Start: Reka e Allagës, Kosovo
Finish: Prizren, Kosovo
Elevation: max. 1.250 m per day

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The Rwenzori Mountains are one of the most inaccessible mountain regions in all of Africa. The distinctive nature is as exciting as the Margherita Peak itself.

Duration: 9 days (about 5-6 walking hours per day)
Start: Kasese
Finish: Margherita-Spitze - Kasese
Elevation: 4.000 m (5.109 m to the Margheria-Spitze)

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On lonely paths into the "heartland" of the Silk Road, a Kyrgyz picture-book landscape unfolds step by step: nomadic families with their yurts, rolling green mountain ranges, wide open plains and lofty mountains.

Duration: 6 days (About 5-7 walking hours per day)
Start: Osh
Finish: Basecamp Pik Lenin - Osh
Elevation: 3.000 - 4.300 m

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The hospitality of the Mongolians, the vastness of the steppe landscape, the glaciers of the Altai Mountains glistening in the sunlight and the summit of Mongolia's highest mountain, Mount Khuiten, provide unforgettable moments on this trek far from civilisation.

Duration: 7-8 days (About 4-7 walking hours per day / 8-10 hours for the summit days)
Start: Tavan Bogd
Finish: Tavan Bogd
Elevation: 2.900 m (4.082 m)


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This trek is one of the most beautiful and varied in Nepal. Rich in cultural and geological features, this tour makes a lasting impression.

Distance: 81,3 km
Duration: About 6 days
Start: Jomsom over lo Mantang
Finish: Jomsom
Elevation: 4.266 m


Distance: 241,3 km
Duration: About 21 days incl. 3 rest days
Start: Jomsom over Seribung Pass and Naar-Phu-Tal
Finish: Ghermu
Elevation: 12.150 m

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The 1,000 km long Bibbulmun Track runs from Kalamunda, just outside Perth, to Albany, a historic town on the south coast, through the heart of Western Australia's picturesque southwest.

Distance: About 1.000 km
Dutration: About 49 days
Start: Kalamunda or Albany (can be walked from either direction)
Finish: Albany oder Kalamunda
Elevation: max. 571 m, the complete trek 18.523 m, highetst peak Mount Cooke 582 m

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Tent trekking through the Cordillera Huayhuash - the most spectacular high mountain range in the world and the highest glaciated mountain range in the tropics.

Distance: 130 km (classic route)
Duration: 12 days (16 days wiht acclimatisation tour and summit option)
Start: Queropalca
Finish: llamac
Elevation: max. 800 m per day with the Start on 3.370 m (with summit option Diablo Mudo 5.350 m)

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The Juatinga Crossing Trail leads along deserted beaches, crystal clear rivers, picturesque waterfalls and breathtaking jungle forests, making it one of the most beautiful coastal hiking trails in Brazil.

Distance: 38 km
Duration: 5 days
Start: Paraty Mirim, rj
Finish: Ponta Negra, rj
Elevation: 770 m

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The remoteness of this tour is only something for real adventurers. In addition to the challenging logistics, it is above all the wayfinding that places high demands on a good sense of terrain and compass direction.

Duration: About 6 - 8 days
Start: El Manzano Historico, Provinz Mendoza, Argentinia
Finish: Embalse el Yeso/Cajon del Maipo, Chile
Elevation: max. hight 4.380 m 

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Untouched nature, clear streams, brilliant views, braving the wilderness and not meeting a soul for days: When trekking, we leave everyday life and civilization behind and experience the most extraordinary landscapes in a unique way. All over the globe you will find spectacular trekking tours with very special highlights and special challenges. At deuter, we collect the most beautiful trekking tours and share practical trekking tips as well as information about the routes and local conditions. Discover the most beautiful treks in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas and get on the road!


Trekking routes are actually everywhere. After the first successful multi-day tours at home, wanderlust quickly sets in: Trekking trips to the other end of the world, through the jungles of Indonesia or through unspoiled Scandinavia. Even if you don't have much trekking experience yet, you might dream of a very specific trek or area and want to prepare yourself specifically for it. At deuter you will not only find a suitable trekking backpack for your adventure, but also useful guides and know-how about trekking equipment and preparation: Our packing list for multi-day tours and detailed information about the best trekking tours worldwide will help you plan the trek of your life.


Trekking involves several days on a fixed route, camping in the wilderness or at special trekking sites. Food, tent, sleeping bag, clothes - you carry everything you need on the trail. This way you are very close to nature, leaving civilization behind as far as possible. Trekking is a form of long-distance hiking. However, in the case of multi-day hiking tours, the stages lead from hut to hut or accommodation. In the evening, you usually get a bed in a dormitory, a hot meal and can take a shower before continuing the next day. All these amenities do not appeal to trekking fans. The connection with the wilderness and the challenge are for them just the special.


Elongated coasts, rugged cliffs, lush green meadows: Europe's diverse landscapes offer treks in almost any condition within a short travel distance, from trekking in the snow to high altitude tours to mild Mediterranean climates. From Germany, travel within hours to the spectacular Prembokshire Coast Path in Wales and hike along the breathtaking cliffs and weathered dune landscapes. Turkey is a great trekking destination, especially from fall to spring. Even closer are the treks in the Balkans and Italy. Scandinavia's vast nature reserves lend themselves to snow treks in winter, and are popular in summer for their moderate temperatures. 

The case for treks in Europe:

It's not just the short distance that makes European countries excellent trekking destinations. A good infrastructure, a high level of safety, the largely common currency and widespread knowledge of English make travel and progress on the trek uncomplicated, even for less experienced trekkers. A guided tour is not necessary in many cases.


On the tracks of Mongolian nomads in the steppe, along the Silk Road through Kyrgyzstan or very close to heaven during Himalayan trekking in Nepal and Tibet: The Central Asian countries look back on a long tradition of wandering peoples and are considered the trekking region par excellence. When trekking in Asia, you can expect untouched natural landscapes, unique culture and the worldwide famous hospitality. The trekking tours lead past lonely temple complexes, through deserts or the jungle. 

Advantages of trekking in Asia:

An excellent trekking infrastructure attracts hikers from all over the world. In the most popular areas you are therefore rarely really alone. Trekking in Asia on your own should only be done by experienced expedition professionals. Guided tours are safer and comparatively inexpensive. 


If you want to make sure you're alone with nature for days on end while trekking and have absolutely no desire for small talk with other hikers, the Australian outback is the right trekking destination for you. Here, long-distance hiking takes on a whole new dimension with treks over 1000 kilometers, such as the Bibbulum Track in Western Australia. New Zealand also offers vast, unspoiled natural landscapes, and not just for Lord of the Rings fans.  The island states of Oceania often have an area of less than 1000 km2, but trekking here is like a Robinson Crusoe adventure with turquoise water, white sandy beaches and coconut palms.

The special thing about trekking tours in Oceania:

Trekking in Australia and Oceania is associated with long flight times and relatively high costs. But you can expect unique routes and landscapes, off the mainstream, which are not to be found in Europe. The environment will thank you if you combine your trekking tour with a longer stay to avoid additional flying back and forth.


The Atacama Desert, Patagonia, the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes: In South America, treks are vast, wild and varied. Besides the world-famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, the continent offers trekking tours for every level and every demand. South America is almost exclusively densely populated on the coasts. In the interior, untouched nature prevails in many places and popular trekking tours are rarely overcrowded.

That is why South America is a trekking paradise:

Starry nights, impressive natural spectacles and beautiful mountain panoramas make the routes in Peru, Argentina, Chile and Brazil unforgettable treks. Trekking infrastructure varies by area, but the best routes are well-supplied and safe. Away from the well-known tours, it can get wilder and sometimes dangerous.


The USA and Canada are perfect trekking destinations. The many national parks and reserves offer countless areas and routes that attract hikers from all over the world. Many trails have become well known outside the outdoor community through books and movies. 

This is what trekking in North America offers you:

On the well-known trekking tours you are rarely alone on the road, but you benefit from well-marked trails, a seamless infrastructure and help is never far in case of emergency. There are countless tour operators who organize trekking tours, but with a little experience and know-how, many of the routes can be mastered solo.


Apart from desert hikes through the Sahara and mountain hikes on Kilimanjaro, Africa is hardly considered a trekking destination. Yet it offers unique opportunities to experience nature and wildlife on a trekking tour. On no other continent is there a chance to observe mountain gorillas in the wild along the trail, as when trekking in Rwanda and Uganda. Walking safaris, for example in South Africa and Botswana, are the perfect alternative to safaris in jeeps for hiking fans. 

This is what trekking in Africa is all about:

The untouched nature, wild animals and partly insecure political situations pose risks, a trekking infrastructure is only partially available. Therefore, trekkers unfamiliar with the area should stick to guided tours and follow the instructions of the guide at all times.