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Recommended by paediatric physicians, tested by school kids: deuter school backpacks

Ergonomic, functional and durable: our product development team uses medical and scientific expertise, and listens to the needs and requirements of parents, as well as of kids to ensure the highest standards for our school backpacks. Bringing all of these together results in backpacks for school that are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday school life.

Working together with Dr. Micha Bahr, Director of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery at Ingolstadt Hospital in Germany, we developed an ingenious carrying system for our school backpacks, with a Lumbar Pad – a trapezoid-shaped pad – positioned on the lower part of the back panel to ensure optimum load distribution. The back system that’s used for deuter school backpacks creates a snug, wrapping fit, even without a waist belt to aid it, and offers full unrestricted range of movement.

Ergonimically designed school backpacks with maximized comfort

What makes a good school backpack? deuter school bags and school rucksacks take parents’ and kids’ wishes into consideration by helping with good posture and at the same time looking very cool! The striking graphics, colors and designs of these school backpacks will appeal to girls and boys alike and have been developed in a gender-neutral way. The key features of our school backpacks are as follows:

Uniquely ergonomic carrying system

Back health is an important issue for young developing bodies. Which is why we incorporate ergonomics and carrying comfort into the design of deuter school backpacks. The deuter Contact back system with newly developed lumbar pad, ensures the weight of the load is evenly distributed between the shoulders and pelvis of your child, to help protect their developing spine. By creating a snug fit on its own, it means there’s no need to use a waist belt, which in turn gives kids greater freedom of movement. 

Clever compartment layout

The clever layout of compartments and pockets on deuter school backpacks makes it super easy for kids to maintain order in their school day. In addition to a spacious main compartment, our school rucksacks include features like a sleeve for a tablet, a document pouch, a valuables pocket inside and much more. And so that children can easily lay their hands on smaller items like pens or calculators, we’ve also included an organizer compartment and pencil case strap in our school packs.

Ergonomic, functional and durable. A good backpack for school should have the following: Light weight, a good amount of space and a carry system that’s suited to young people. A school backpack should not result in poor posture, yet still look good. deuter school rucksacks are intentionally designed to be gender neutral.

Back health is important for growing bodies. deuter school backpacks feature a unique carrying system that’s specifically designed for optimum ergonomics and carry comfort. Our lumbar pad at the lower back effectively distributes the load so that it’s evenly divided between the shoulders and hips – without restricting kids’ movement.

A school backpack needs to be big enough to accommodate everything your child needs for the school day. And so, for school kids, a backpack that offers between 25 and 30 liters of space would be about right. But it’s not just about capacity, it’s also about effective organization and having clear compartment configurations so they can easily locate their stuff.

deuter school backpacks: Free from harmful substances & comfortable

Each of our backpacks is the accumulation of over 125 years of experience coupled with innovation and social consciousness. It’s what makes our school backpacks so good, as well as all of the deuter products you can buy online.

  • Backpacks that are free from harmful substances

At deuter, we place sustainability and social responsibility front and center, so that we can make the world a better place for the next generation. Which is why, for our backpacks, we opt for waterproofing finishes that are free from PFC / PFAS and instead use a DWR finish that is not harmful to the environment or human and animal health. It repels water from the surface of textiles without the use of harmful chemicals.

In fine-tuning our manufacturing processes, we focus on environmentally sound practices. As a bluesign® system partner we work to improve our environmental impact and achieve resource efficiencies. And a responsible and conscientious approach to our fellow employees is also important. Which is why, as members of the Fair Wear Foundation, we strive for better working conditions and pay in our manufacturing countries and support efforts like our school construction and education project in Nepal.

  • Lifelong repair service

To make sure that children are able to enjoy our school backpacks for as long as possible, we offer a lifelong repair service. So, whether it’s a split seam, a broken zipper or a strap that’s come away, we’ll mend it and make it as good as new again.