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Streamer Tube Insulator

Drinking system

This insulation for the drinking bubble prevents the liquid in the tube from freezing too quickly when the weather is cold.

Colour: black
GTIN: 4001737964807
Weight: 70 g

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Neoprene is a foamed elastomer that is usually laminated on both sides with fabric (nylon or Lycra). This protects the surface, making it less prone to damage. We use neoprene for our hip belts, which need to be smooth, extremely flexible and durable. In addition, we appreciate the flexible and protective qualities offered by “Neo Belt” and the “Camera Cases”. We use the insulation characteristic for our Tube Insulator too.
  • * D stands for denier. This describes the yarn weight. 600D corresponds to 600 grams per 9000 meters.
  • * PES stands for polyester. PES fibres are very tear and abrasion resistant and hardly absorb moisture.
  • * PA stands for polyamide. PA fibres are extremely durable and abrasion-resistant. They are also characterized by high elasticity and low weight.

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