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deuter security bags: PFAS free, robust & hard wearing

Want to keep your security bag for travel hidden from view? Or do you like to show it off as a cool accessory? deuter has a range of security bags in various shapes and sizes. With deuter quality guaranteed – no matter which one you choose. That includes:

✔ DWR finish free from PFAS: We do not use any per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

✔ Robust, hard-wearing construction: Your security bag can withstand all your toughest trips.

✔ First-rate materials: these deuter products are sturdy waterproof and hard wearing.

✔ Clever configuration: for quick access to your valuables.

Wear it round the waist, over the shoulder, or attached to your belt: Security bags for everyone

Security bags keep your valuables like cash, cell phone and credit cards securely stowed. Some of deuter’s security bags or zip wallets even come with RFID blocking technology – with a double layer of protective foil to prevent data theft and unwanted access to microchips in your banking cards. Security bags are also an extremely useful accessory. When you’re backpacking, for example, your wallet can easily become lost somewhere in all your stuff. And you end up having to dig around to find it. But with a security travel pouch or bag, you won’t have to. And you don’t even have to take your backpack off, either, to look for you money or cards. deuter has designed its security bags to suit a wide range of needs.
What criteria do you want your security bag to meet?

practical & descrete: Crossbody security bags

Security bags not only come in belt shapes or holsters, but also as handy crossbody bags. These are ideal if you don’t like wearing a bag around your waist. Shoulder bags and crossbody bags can be worn like a body-hugging chest pocket under your clothing or a shoulder bag – it’s up to you. When you’re not wearing a backpack you can carry it over the shoulder, and when wearing a backpack, on your front. But whichever way you carry your shoulder bag, with two zippered pockets and a mesh inside compartment you’ll be able to locate your money or tickets in no time at all.

Lightweight & handy: Security bags for your valuables

Are you looking for a security bag with one purpose alone – as a wallet? Then our deuter zip wallets offer a secure way of transporting your money and cards safely. Because they’re made using lightweight, soft materials, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing them. The deuter Security Flip-in can be strapped to a belt and its folded format, or flip-in design, gives it increased security. And even a belt can be a secret hiding place for your valuables. The deuter Security Belt conceals your ID cards and folded documents so well, nobody would guess they’re there.

Why should I buy a deuter security bag?

deuter is well known for its premium-quality backpacks and bags, which they’ve been making for over 125 years. Our range of products includes security bags, with the same high levels of deuter quality. We always use durable materials and flawless manufacturing. And we prioritize environment and social responsibility with our products. Responsibility at deuter means:

✔ Hard-wearing products: Nothing is more sustainable than products that last forever. That’s why we make our waist pouches – and all deuter products – to the highest quality standards, using durable materials and smart design.

✔ Lifetime repair service: If, despite our best efforts, something should break on your hip bag, we’ve got a repair service for that: We offer repairs worldwide for the lifetime of our products.

✔ Responsibility: We champion fair working conditions and environmentally sustainable processes. As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, we adhere to some of the world’s strictest production standards. As of 2020, all waterproofing on deuter products is PFAS free. On our website, you can learn even more about responsibility at deuter.