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Nowadays, one in two people live in an urban area. Affordable housing at a good standard and a sustainable and integrated urban development policy are needed to ensure that the quality of life is maintained in these places in future too.

What’s our objective?

We want to generate added value locally at our Gersthofen headquarters. Above all, this includes making the design of our headquarters sustainable and increasing sustainability collaborations with local partners.

How do we contribute?

  • Sustainability has an impact on our decisions and the way we conduct our business every day. We want to pass on our experience of what the term actually means and how we can tackle and implement it. Which is why we’ve joined forces with business development initiative A3Regio and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Swabia to give regular presentations on sustainable business practices.
  • We are passionate about giving back to the area we are based in. For instance, we support St. Gregor, a children and family support organization, with funding and donations in kind. It’s a welfare facility for disadvantaged, troubled children or children with developmental problems who are supported in a special education daycare center, with families receiving assistance during difficult times through its parenting and family support services.
  • By 2023, we aim to achieve climate neutrality at our headquarters by maximizing energy efficiency and using renewables.
  • We also offer our co-workers the chance to use our JobRad bicycle leasing concept, which is a sustainable transportation solution.


For more details about the steps we’ve taken: Society.