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deuter travel backpacks - your ideal travel companion

A weekend away in Lisbon, a beach holiday in Thailand, or soaking up the cultural highlights in Italy – travel is a wonderful way to make lasting memories. But for an enjoyable holiday you need to be able to carry your belongings in comfort and keep your essentials like passport and travel documents close at hand. So having a travel backpack is ideal. These trusty travel companions are made with tough, durable materials, have organized internal layouts, and a comfortable back system to help your journey run smoothly. Read on to find out more about which travel backpack is right for you.

Did you know? deuter has been going since 1898. The German company started out as the sole supplier of mailbags and post sacks to the Royal Bavarian Postal service, before going on to develop its first backpacks.

It´s all about the journey - deuter travel backpacks

  • deuter Contact back system: The back padding sits snug against your back, keeping the load close to your center of gravity. This helps distribute the weight more evenly.
  • Travel backpacks for women & travel backpacks for men: deuter offers SL (slim line) models that create the perfect fit for women, with a shorter back system, narrower shoulder straps and more tapered hip fins.
  • Useful features like padlock anchor points, internal valuables compartments, plus a stowable back system, padded hip fins and stowable straps, make the journey run smoother. Our small travel backpacks conform with airplane carry-on dimensions.

deuter travel backpacks for commuters & business travelers

deuter travel backpacks for city breaks

deuter travel bags: for sports trips & more

Big travel backpacks for work & travel trips or backpacking

  • Slim-shaped backpack with clear internal layout
  • deuter Contact back system for a comfortable carry

South-east Asia, Australia and New Zealand are some of the favorite destinations for backpackers. If you’re on the move for longer periods of time, you need a travel backpack that will accommodate all your kit and caboodle: clothes, travel documents, shoes and sleeping bag and even your laptop.

Depending on how long you plan to travel, and what kind of travel you prefer, you can choose between different sizes and feature sets for your travel rucksack. For frequent flyers, we recommend our AViANT Carry On or AViANT Access since, depending on the packed dimensions, these backpacks can be used as hand luggage. Bigger travel backpacks should ideally offer 40-60 liters’ capacity for all your stuff. And for those looking for large amounts of space, we’d recommend a huge travel bag like the AViANT Duffel that has up to 90 liters’ capacity.

Whether it’s a city break, summer beach holiday or a culture trip – the fit of a travel backpack is one of the most important aspects. Which is why we offer special women’s SL models that are designed specifically for the female shape. Hard-wearing materials, a smart compartment layout, and a comfortable back system are key for a pleasant and flexible travel experience.

If you can’t decide between a bag or a travel backpack, then why not consider the AViANT Duffel Pro 40. This duffel bag is compact and yet it’s also spacious. It has 40 liters’ capacity but meets air travel carry-on dimensions and has stowable shoulder straps that convert it into a backpack.

Why buy a deuter travel backpack?

We have been designing backpacks that are suited to travel for more than 100 years. The snug-fitting Contact back system evenly distributes the load in our travel backpacks. Check out our collection to find the right size and fit for you. You can read more about the advantages of all our backpacks here:

  • deuter’s top-quality backpacks are made from robust, durable materials, to ensure your backpack will keep you company for many years to come.
  • But if anything does go wrong or break on your backpack, we offer a lifelong repair service.
  • When making our travel backpacks, we focus on environmental responsibility, as well as sustainability and social responsibility. At deuter our Responsibility strategy is underpinned by our membership of the Fair Wear Foundation and the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. These organizations stand for fair working conditions and fair wages in the textile industry.
  • Our special carry systems let you shoulder heavier loads in comfort on longer trips. Keeping the load evenly distributed and achieving a close-fitting back system are pivotal in this performance.
  • deuter travel backpacks come with a built-in NFC chip that lets you register your backpack. NFC technology helps you identify your luggage if it gets lost in airport handling. The chip also lets you verify the authenticity of your deuter backpack.