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deuter bike backpacks - the perfect fit for any adventure

When you’re in the (bike) saddle, it’s a case of ‘the journey is the destination’. deuter’s bike backpacks will accompany you all the way, whether it’s a mountain biking traverse of the Alps, road cycling great distances, or simply a fun day out on your bike. The wide range of different fits, back systems, and features mean there is the right deuter bike backpack for all kinds of bicycling styles.

What types of deuter bike backpack are there?

Different styles of biking:


Verschiedene Passformen:

A snug fit that stays put – that’s the most important aspect of a good bike backpack. Having a range of different fits means you can find a biking pack that fits the individual rider. Depending on the backpack model, a waist belt, sternum strap, hip fins and adjustable shoulder straps can be used to cinch the pack against your back, so it doesn’t move around while you’re riding your bike but is still not constrictive in any way.

Bike backpacks for athletic cycle touring

Space saving solutions for 
•    Longer cycle tours or day rides
•    Athletic cyclists who need to be well equipped
If you’re covering longer distances on your bike, then you need to be prepared for any eventuality. Tools, pump, or a change of clothes are part of your standard get-up. Thanks to clever compartment arrangements, deuter bike backpacks allow you to carry everything you need, and access items quickly while on the move

Our series of compact bike backpack for ambitious cyclists:

Minimal weight, maximum comfort: Bike backpacks for mountain biking

Lightweight bike backpacks for

  • Mountain bike touring through challenging terrain
  • Short blasts, where comfort and good organization are a priority


From mountain trails through to a ride to the ice-cream parlor. If you like to head out on shorter challenging mountain bike rides and want to carry your gear in a lightweight well-organized pack, then check out the Bike I and Superbike. They feature the deuter Airstripes back system for a solid fit with zero load wobble and consistent ventilation. The load is kept snug against the back to keep it in position no matter how much you move about in the saddle.

Bike backpacks for enduro and mountain bike touring: a solid secure fit no matter how challenging the terrain

  • Zero load wobble, even on the most rugged trails
  • For enduro and mountain bike riders who value comfort and a solid fit on both uphills and downhills

The original MTB backpack for alpine traverses

  • Multi-day or challenging mtb bike tours
  • Clever stow options for bikers who love keeping gear well organized

Waterproof bike backpacks

Bike commuter backpacks

Why choose a bike backpack from deuter?

At deuter, we have the benefit of over 100 years in backpack design to look back on and guide us. And we are constantly working on further improving our backpacks. We collaborate with mountain bikers, road cyclists and other bike sports athletes to come up with authentic, comfortable and functional bike backpacks. deuter bike backpacks are:

  • Robust & hard wearing: deuter bike backpacks will accompany you on your cycling trips and bike rides for many years to come. We always use the best quality materials, workmanship and manufacturing techniques.
  • Range of fits to suit all genders and shapes: Taller athletes (1.85m - 2m or 6’ - 6’5”) or smaller more slender athletes and women often find it hard to find a backpack that fits properly. And so, at deuter, we offer specially designed solutions for taller people with our Extra Long (EL) models, and for smaller people we have the Slim Line (SL) models.
  • Lightweight: To minimize the overall weight of our backpacks, we start off by selecting special lightweight materials. By then optimizing the cut and reducing the quantity of materials used, we can make our packs light yet sturdy – at the same time as lightening the load on you.
  • Perfect fit: Working closely with athletes from the cycling world, our product developers can make backpacks that are comfortable, functional, and create the perfect fit on your back.
  • Sustainable: To us, sustainability means saving natural resources, but it also includes social responsibility. As part of our Fair Wear Foundation membership, we support our employees in manufacturing countries and promote fair wages and working conditions.
  • Environmentally responsible: deuter does not use any PFAS for the water-repellent performance of its bike backpacks and other outdoor textiles. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are hazardous to health and the environment but are sadly still used by many for their dirt and water repellent properties. All deuter products have been free from PFC / PFAS since spring/ summer 2020, to help protect the natural world. The DWR finish we now use is environmentally friendly and still highly functional at repelling water.
  • Lifelong repair service: We want you to enjoy our products for as long as possible. And so we offer a worldwide lifelong repair service for deuter products. So you can keep enjoying your favorite trail buddy and protect the environment at the same time.