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European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA)

European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA)


Preserving nature is in our own best interest. So, we at deuter have made it our mission to invest not only in new products but also in conservation. It’s worth it. Instead of launching campaigns of our own, we cooperate with organizations that have a solid track record of choosing and executing effective conservation projects. We believe that is more efficient. In our highly specialized world, we need people with extensive expertise in the issues affecting the future of the environment and nature. Also, we can achieve more by harnessing the collective power of these experts and the funding and ideas of a community of companies.

The fact is, the outdoor industry and outdoor enthusiasts also contribute to climate change, the degradation of wilderness, and environmental pollution. Nature is both the source of our livelihood and our beloved playground, and we want to give something back to it. That is why we support conservation projects around the world through our membership in the EOCA. The EOCA was founded 15 years ago. Back then, in 2006, deuter was the first German outdoor gear manufacturer to join. We did it because we believe that successful brands should also be sustainable. The number of popular outdoor manufacturers supporting the cause has increased significantly since then.

EOCA has funded 121 conservation projects so far, to the tune of €3 million. Projects include repairing trails in East Tyrol and Scotland, protecting brown bears in northern Spain, preserving an old-growth forest in Sweden, protecting the rainforest in Brazil, and much more. The group is currently funding 17 projects. One major focus has been on preventing and reducing plastic pollution. Each year, 300 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide. Of that, eight million find their way into the oceans – each year. According to experts with the United Nations, plastic in the oceans is one of the world’s biggest environmental issues right now. We support the EOCA’s efforts to clear plastic waste out of the oceans and off the world’s coastlines and to move the world away from single-use plastics.

You, too, can help to preserve natural and wild areas for the future. Whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, camping, ski touring, canoeing, climbing, fishing, or simply enjoying a walk in the fresh air – your actions matter.

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