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At deuter, our backpacks are built on expertise that spans more than a hundred years. When it comes to developing our back systems, for instance, we collaborate with professional athletes, mountaineers, and physicians. And it’s how we keep delivering practical high-quality outdoor gear that sets standards. A deuter backpack has to meet the following criteria:

  • Durability & quality: deuter backpacks are made from hard-wearing materials and using the highest standards in workmanship. These backpacks can withstand the harsh conditions they are exposed to when used for sport climbing, thru-hiking, or freeriding, for example.
  • Lifelong repair service: No matter how long you’ve had your backpack, if you find some loose stitching or the zipper breaks, we’re happy to repair it for you.
  • Lightweight: Our product design team are constantly striving to make our backpacks even lighter. By optimizing the amount of materials we use and by selecting specialist technical fabrics, we can cut a great deal of weight.
  • Comfortable: A wide range of different back systems designed to meet the demands of specific activities offers the very best in comfort and back-friendly ergonomics.
  • Various fit styles: People come in different shapes and sizes. Which is why we have a range of fits and sizes. There are Slim Line (SL) deuter backpacks, with a shorter back and women-specific straps; or Extra Long (EL) models for taller people between 1.85 m and 2 m with a longer back and more capacity.
  • Sustainable: And very importantly, we also go to great lengths to manufacture our backpacks in a way that is sustainable, and environmentally and socially responsible. We do not use any PFAS at deuter. Instead, we use a DWR (durable water repellent) finish that is environmentally safe. As a bluesign® system partner we monitor our environmental footprint through all stages of the supply chain. And with our Fair Wear Foundation membership (and Leader Status) we monitor and ensure fair working conditions at our manufacturing sites; and with the help of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles we improve our manufacturing according to social, economic and ecological standards.

deuter backpacks - a solution for everyone

AIRCOMFORT back system

The deuter Aircomfort back system offers maximized ventilation to minimize perspiration build-up. This results in improved endurance and less strain on the circulatory system.

Used in following:

✔ Hiking backpacks

✔ Child carriers

✔ Biking backpacks

AIRCONTACT back system

With its snug-fitting design, the deuter Aircontact back system helps distribute the weight, including for heavier loads. The back padding wraps around the back, while the material wicks away moisture and allows the skin to breathe.

Used in the following:

✔ Backpacking backpacks

✔ Larger hiking backpacks

AIRSTRIPES back system

The deuter Airstripes back system is specially designed for cycling. For zero load-wobble and plenty of ventilation. Air is channeled between the Airstripes padding covered in wide Air Mesh.

Used in the following:

✔ Bike backpacks

✔ Day packs 

ALPINE back system

Durability, carrying comfort, functionality and weight-optimized materials are key characteristics when it comes alpine gear. The deuter Alpine back system features two SoftStripe back pads that mold themselves to the shape of your back. This creates a compact fit that follows your every move, and more controlled movement through challenging terrain.

Used in the following:

✔ Mountaineering backpacks

✔ Freeride backpacks

✔ Larger climbing backpacks

✔ Ski touring backpacks 

deuter Lite back system

Backpacks featuring the Lite back system really shine when it comes to endurance sports and on single-day alpine routes – any activity where reduced weight is carefully balanced with maximum comfort. Ergonomic shoulder straps give the Lite back system a wrapping fit and added comfort. For carrying light to moderate loads in comfort – perfect for a day in the mountains.

Used in the following:

✔ Hiking backpacks

✔ Ski touring backpacks

✔ Mountaineering backpacks

✔ Climbing backpacks

✔ Child carriers

CONTACT back system

The deuter Contact back system has ergonomically shaped back padding that wraps around the back to distribute the load more evenly. Which puts less strain on your back. 3D Air Spacer mesh generates effective ventilation.

Used in the following:

✔ Travel backpacks

✔ Day packs

✔ School backpacks and children’s backpacks 

deuter backpacks – the right pack for all your missions

Hiking backpacks: Your Trusty Trail Partner

Backpacks for:

✔ Hikers

Whether it’s over several days or just one, each hike brings its own experiences. Which is why your hiking backpack has to suit your personal requirements – whether it’s bagging peaks or a leisurely hike. deuter hiking backpacks are all about carrying comfort, ventilation, optimized weight and adaptability to individual requirements. These are the key characteristics for a pleasant hiking experience. You can choose between various models in our hiking range like those in the Futura or AC Lite series. And like most of our rucksacks, our hiking backpacks come in a range of sizes to suit everyone.

Climbing backpacks with full freedom of movements

Backpacks for:


Exploring new routes and mastering sheer rock faces; climbing expeditions, sport climbing or alpine climbing. In a similar way to the various climbing disciplines that exists, there is also a wide range of deuter climbing backpacks to suit. Light weight and top-spec functionality are hallmarks of backpacks like the Gravity series. With a solid, secure fit plus full range of movement.

Thru-Hiking self supported: deuter backpacking backpacks

Backpacks for:

✔ Backpackers

Moving steadily, with just the sound of your footsteps, and your mind on the objective: there’s nothing like shouldering your backpack and getting to your destination on foot. The magic of thru-hiking and long-distance hiking casts its spell. And for adventures like these, you’ll want a backpacking backpack from deuter. These trekking and hiking packs are comfortable and lightweight, yet spacious enough for your sleeping bag, food, clothing, and tent. Whether it’s 3 days or 300 kilometers. With the right backpack you can take on any challenge. Simply choose a backpack with the right volume, weight, and features to suit your needs.

DEUTER Alpine backpacks for the rigors of mountain use

Backpacks for:

✔ Alpinists

Ice climbing, mountaineering, or rock climbing – seizing those moments in the mountains. deuter has streamlined lightweight climbing backpacks for the job. Tailored to the needs of ambitious mountain professionals. Choosing the right mountaineering backpack isn’t only about weight, carrying comfort, and durability. It’s also about a solid fit on the back, and weather resistance. The deuter Guide and Rise packs are perfect for the job. With narrow SoftStripe back padding that keeps the pack securely in place.

FREERIDing & sKI TOURing backpacks from dEUTER

Backpacks for:

✔ Freeriders

✔ Ski tourers & backcountry skiers

In winter, mountain sports fans also need a backpack to stow everything they need. Whether it’s a freeride backpack or ski touring backpack deuter has a range of packs for skiers and snowboarders – for on-piste and off-piste, or freeriding in the sidecountry or backcountry.

With sleek, streamlined designs, clever organization, and technical features, deuter’s freeriding and ski touring backpacks will help you move safely through the mountains in winter. Modular gear straps can be used to attach skis, a snowboard, or snowshoes to the pack in various ways. An avalanche equipment compartment accommodates a shovel and probe. And tough, weather resistant fabric ensures these packs are up to handling the rigors of snow and freezing temperatures.

A big selection of biking and cycling backpacks

Backpacks for:

✔ Cycle touring

✔ Bike sports

Cyclists who want to cover greater distances need to carry more than just food and water. A bicycle pump, tools and change of clothing are also needed. Whether it’s road cycling, touring or mountain biking – we have backpacks to suit a wide range of activities on two wheels, with the comfort, organization and stow space to suit. And we’ve ensured our bike backpacks are also light and create a snug fit. The perfect backpacks for:

✔ Cycle Touring

✔ Mountain biking

✔ Enduro

✔ Alpine traverses

✔ Road cycling

It´s all about the journey - deuter travel backpacks

Backpacks for:

✔ From short trips to world travel

Whether you’re a frequent flyer, business traveler, or globetrotter, deuter has a travel backpack for you. The travel backpacks from the AViANT Carry On and AViANT Access series have suitcase-style practicality but can be carried like a backpack. User-friendly configuration keeps your possessions well organized and easy to access when you’re on the move. The smaller models come in carry-on dimensions so they can be used as hand luggage. Useful features like padlock anchor points, clothing compartments, and internal valuables compartments, plus adjustable straps, make the journey run smoother.

find the deuter DAY PACK foR you

Backpacks for:

✔ University, college, the city, or commuting

Shopping by bike? Commuting to work? Or just on a day trip? A day pack is a useful piece of gear. deuter day packs cover a range of uses and body sizes. And for the sustainably minded, deuter has the Vista and UP series. The material of these day packs is made from recycled PET bottles. The UP series is also a bluesign®-accredited product, complying with their stringent environmental standards for the textile industry. For anyone who cycle commutes to work, there is the Giga. And the Walker – our bestseller – comes in a range of sizes, and is perfect for the urban / sports crossover, with an occasional trip into nature.

Little backpacks for little outdoor fans

Backpacks for:

✔ Nursery & kindergarten aged children

Whether your children are in nursery, kindergarten or just on a walk through the woods, our sturdy children’s backpacks are ready for adventure. Throughout the design process of our children’s backpacks, we’ve concentrated on child-friendly handling and protecting young developing spines. Because it’s so important to maintain good ergonomics while they are growing so fast. And naturally, they’re also very comfortable. Our deuter backpacks for young girls and boys come in bright, jolly colors.

The Pico children’s backpack features our Contact back system which is ideal for toddlers from the age of two years and up. A zip around opening is super-easy to operate. For kids aged three years and above, we have nursery backpacks that offer a comfortable, secure fit. The reflective detailing and polar bear, monkey or jungle print are a real highlight here, too.

Ergonomic school backpacks with outstanding comfort

Backpacks for:

✔ School kids

A good school backpack needs to appeal to parents and students alike. deuter has school backpacks that look cool but also help maintain a healthy posture. A school bag full of books, notebooks, stationery, and snacks can often weigh heavily on still-developing young bodies. Which is why we have developed the deuter Contact back system with a lumbar pad that distributes the load evenly between the shoulders and hips. The configuration is geared towards school life, with document compartments, a valuables pocket, and an organizer compartment to keep everything neat and tidy. Or even a deuter Pencil Case. And our school backpacks come in a range of colors and designs.

A good outdoor backpack should fit well, be robust, and be suited to the activity at hand. deuter backpacks are made from durable materials and using expert craftsmanship. Our wide range of back systems means we can meet the demands of specific activities and offer the very best in comfort and back-friendly ergonomics.

When buying a backpack, make sure the fit and comfort are right for you and the activity you want to undertake. Backpacks need to cope with a variety of demands and also fit your back ergonomically. Sturdiness and quality manufacturing are key too.

Backpacks for women and men mainly differ in terms of fit. deuter’s SL (Slim Line) backpacks have a shorter back panel and narrower straps. The Slim Line models are designed to suit the anatomy of women. Our EL (Extra Long) models have a longer back section and are suited to people who are 1.85 - 2 meters tall (6’- 6’5”).