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Image  Rights

Dear image user,

We are happy to provide you with photos of our products from the last few years free of charge and for a variety of uses. However, as we have not purchased unrestricted rights from the copyright holders for all uses, several rules must be observed so that we can continue to offer this service in the future. By accepting these terms, you agree with the following provisions for using our images/videos:

DEUTER grants the non-exclusive, non-transferable right to download the photos and videos for use in your own advertising material in any advertising media, such as print media (e.g. catalogues, posters, flyers and advertisements in third-party publications), electronic media (e.g. TV commercials) and online media (e.g. own websites and own advertisements on third-party websites). The photos and videos must only be used in connection with the advertisement of DEUTER products.

Distorting the images is not permitted, in particular the concealment of the DEUTER trademark It is not permitted to integrate the photos and videos into advertising material and/or advertising media containing content that violates legal provisions and/or standards of public decency, i.e. in particular, content that glorifies violence or is sexually suggestive, as well as discriminatory, offensive or defamatory statements regarding race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.
Original author credits or other identifiers such as brands added by DEUTER must not be changed or removed.
We would be pleased about a source reference in case of use (deuter / photographer's name).

A proof copy must be submitted to DEUTER for prior written approval.

DEUTER cannot guarantee that the use of these photos, videos and brands (lettering and logos) will not infringe any rights of third parties. You must inform DEUTER immediately should a third party assert a claim for an injunction and/or compensation. DEUTER shall support you to the best of their ability in defending against these claims.

The scope and content of the Media & Data Kit are at DEUTER’s discretion and can be altered at any time. DEUTER assumes no responsibility for the currentness, functionality, quality, availability or completeness of the Media & Data Kit.

DEUTER reserves the right to amend these terms of use at any time. You will be informed of this by email 30 days before the amendment comes into force.