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deuter pack sacks: clever design for clever packing

deuter pack sacks: clever design for clever packing

The packing bags, packing cubes, stuff sacks and dry bags from deuter are great for anything from a short trip to a round-the-world journey – keeping everything in your backpack or bag well organized. In compact sizes they not only help you find items easier, but they also prevent you from spending hours hunting through a mess of your things. So whether you’re looking for a waterproof pack bag for storing your clothing, a safe way of stashing your dirty laundry, or you want to keep your dirty hiking boots separate from the rest of your gear, you’ll find a clever solution among deuter’s range of packing bags, storage bags and pack sacks. All our packing bags are also:

  High quality and durable

  Sustainably made with minimal resources

  Compact to stow

  Equipped with clever closure systems and grab handles

Packing bags from deuter: clever organization

Is your packing space restricted and want you to make the best use of it? We have a wide range of packing bag sizes, including some as small as 1 liter, for stashing in the smallest daypack. Do you need a waterproof way of securing your gear? Our dry bags reliably block out moisture and dust. Looking for a straightforward packing cube system for your clothes or a clever way to store your camping cookware? deuter has clever functional storage bags and compression bags to make your life on the road that little bit easier.

Find a pack bag to suit your adventure:


Packing bags in all sizes: from small & compact, to large & spacious

Depending on the size, our packing bags will usually fit nicely in the lid compartment (up to 5L) or bottom compartment (up to 20 L) of your backpack – saving space and keeping your most important items easily accessible. Our packing bags are available in the following sizes:

Small pack sacks from 1 to 3 Liters

Looking to travel light but don’t want to forgo a certain level of organization? No worries. Our smallest packing bags in sizes from 1 liter to 3 liters are here to help. These compact organizers, the Light Drypack 1, Mesh Sack 3, Mesh Zip Pack 3, Pack Sack 3 & Zip Pack 1 will fit inside a small daypack and keep your gear nice and neat. Weighing less than 50 grams these small bags are lightweight, making them the perfect addition to your fast-paced mountain or backpacking adventures, where every gram counts.

Medium-sized packing bags from 5 to 10 liters

Need a bit of extra stow space? Then our medium size zip bags and pack sacks are just the thing. These sizes are ideally suited to shorter trips where you need to take more than just a spare pair of socks and toothbrush. The medium size packing bags from deuter come in 5, 8 liter or 10-liter sizes, and in a range of styles / functions: the Light Drypack, Mesh Sack, Mesh Zip Pack or Pack Sack. Yet these moderately sized packing aides still weigh next to nothing, adding less than 60 grams to the overall weight of your bags.

Large packing bags from 18 to 30 liters

Designed for longer trips, these deuter pack sacks come in sizes up to 30 liters. Our Light Drypack 30, Mesh Sack 18 and Pack Sack 18 are the biggest in the range, but are still lightweight, weighing under 100 grams. So you’ll barely notice the weight. And they make perfect packing buddies for ambitious travel plans and backpacking journeys. Because being well organized shouldn’t add to your load.

deuter zip bags and pack sacks: it’s all in the materials

At deuter, we want to make sure you can use your packing bag for a long, long time. And so, we only use the best and most hard-wearing materials to make them. Such as:

  Water-repellent dry bags in ripstop polyamide

Lightweight, robust and water repellent: It’s these properties that make the deuter Light Drypacks and Pack Sacks ideal for hiking, biking, mountain climbing and backpacking. With a roll-top closure, welded seams and virtually waterproof 40D PA ripstop fabric, these dry bags keep your belongings clean and dry when the weather turns. All deuter’s light Drypacks and Pack Sacks are made from a blend of durable polyamide and ripstop polyester, which makes these dry bags hard wearing and long lasting. Using this blend of fibers also ensures our pack sacks are lightweight. Planning a winter trip to the Scottish Highlands? Or a canoe journey in Canada? Then the deuter Light Drypacks, with a hydrostatic head rating of 10,000 are the perfect travel accessory.

  Mesh packing bags and zip packs

Light and airy: with the deuter Mesh Sacks and Mesh Zip Packs keep your towel, clothes and sleepwear neat and compact. The air-permeable mesh material used for these packing cubes makes them well suited to freshly washed or sweaty clothes alike, since any moisture in them can escape and evaporate. The fibers used for the mesh material are made from ripstop and abrasion resistant polyester that won’t absorb moisture and weigh your luggage down. The deuter Mesh Sack storage bags come with two practical hanging loops and a grab handle on the base. This allows you to carry them in comfort or strap them to the outside of a backpack.

deuter pack bags for various jobs: Pack Sacks, Zip Packs & Shoe Packs

At deuter you’ll find a bag to suit a whole range of needs – from packing away your camping crockery neatly to a practical stow bag for your hiking shoes.

✔ Packing bags for camping gear

Multi-purpose deuter Pack Sacks: these drawstring bags are ideal space saving and organizing tools for your camping gear. Designed to accommodate standard camping cookware, these pack sacks from deuter are great for organizing your crockery, stove and cutlery. Depending on the size, these bags can be used to store camping stoves with 16 to 28 cm dimensions. You can also hang or strap these bags to the outside of your backpack if you run out of space inside. The fabric is dirt repellent and ultra lightweight, making deuter pack bags robust and easy to carry. And they also come with an easy-to-use draw cord stopper and two hanging loops.

  Packing cubes for neat, organized luggage

Are you fed up with the mess inside your suitcase or travel bag? The deuter Zip Packs are here to help! These packing cubes are made with ultra lightweight materials making them perfect for air travel where weight restrictions can be severe. If you’re traveling with hand luggage only, these packing cubes keep your bag in a neat shape so that it fits within cabin bag restrictions. Each zip pack has a practical grab handle and a zip-around opening for easy packing and unpacking.
The deuter Orga Zip Packs and Mesh Zip Packs have mesh material on the top and are great for storing clothing and towels etc. in your luggage. The Orga Zip Pack also has a zippered pocket on the back for travel documents, tech cables and smaller items. Which makes these packing cubes ideal for business travel and city trips.

  Water-resistant shoe bags

Shoes can be tricky to pack, when you’re looking to save space in your backpack or bag. They won’t bend to your will or compress, are usually dirty, and no matter where you pack them, they always seem to get in the way. The deuter shoe packs offer a simple solution to the problem. Low-cut sports footwear, sandals or sneakers can be stowed away in our deuter Shoe Pack and packed away in your bag as spare footwear. A zipper opening with mesh gusset lets shoes breathe to prevent them from stinking. While the water- and dirt-repellent fabric prevents your shoes from making the rest of your luggage dirty.

If you’re looking for a neat storage solution for your mountain boots, hiking boots or trekking boots however, you’ll need a bigger shoe bag. And so there is the deuter Boot Pack which is designed for high cut mountain boots and hiking footwear up to size EU 47. With a zip-around opening, this boot bag opens out fully for easier packing and unpacking. And just like the Shoe Pack, the Boot Pack has a zipper opening with mesh backing to help with airing and drying your footwear. In a compact and functional design, the deuter shoe bags keep your backpack or suitcase tidy and clean.

A clear green consience:sustainable packing bags from deuter

By buying a deuter packing bag, you’re encouraging better sustainability in the outdoor market. All our packing bags, pack sacks, mesh sacks, packing cubes, zip packs and shoe bags are made using sustainable fibers made from 100 per cent recycled industrial waste. It’s just one of the ways we try to conserve natural resources and reduce our carbon emissions generated by production.

For our packing bags we also use waterproofing treatment that’s fully PFAS free. But to ensure the outer surface of our packing bags remains water and dirt resistant, we use an environmentally friendly DWR finish (durable water repellent) that contains no harmful PFAS chemicals. This special treatment results in any dirt or water coming into contact with the surface of the fabric simply beads up and is not absorbed. This makes our packing bags durable and more environmentally responsible.

Why buy a packing bag from deuter?

At deuter, we are proud to look back on more than 120 years of high-quality manufacturing for the outdoor industry. But we never stand still. We keep working on developing and improving our products. And so, we prefer not to add any unnecessary extras or features, but instead offer our customers good value products for enjoying the outdoors. At deuter we believe in:

  Social and environmental responsibility: We are passionate that the path forward needs to be sustainable. And that’s why, back in 2008, deuter became a bluesign® System partner and now complies with the world’s most stringent environmental standards in the textile industry. We also ensure fair working conditions, sustainable manufacturing practices, and a respectful approach toward people, animals and our natural world.

  Passion: The deuter brand stands for a love of outdoor sports and mountains that connects all our work colleagues. And so, we approach each day at deuter with a passion for making our products even better, to help you meet the challenges of your outdoor and travel plans.

  Qualität: Quality: We want our customers to enjoy their deuter products for as long as possible. And so we pay special attention to the durability and longevity of the materials we use and the manufacturing processes we employ.

Make do & mend: All our products have the quality and build to last. But sometimes things break or become damaged. And for those occasions, we offer a comprehensive repair service. Our lifelong repair service helps prolong the usable lifetime of your favorite piece of outdoor gear, cuts the amount of virgin resources used, and gives you many more years of enjoyment from your deuter product – beyond the manufacturer’s warranty