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A children’s backpack for every age and size

Whether it’s for preschool, elementary school or those first big overnight hikes, our durable children’s backpacks will carry your kids’ gear through any adventure, great or small, year in and year out. Our product designers develop backpacks for kids that fit securely and protect their backs. Because ergonomics and comfort are our top priority. We design our packs and their features to fit the needs of young, growing bodies – covering the entire gamut from cool school backpacks for kids ages 6 and up all the way through to fully featured technical hiking packs for kids. We’ve even got toddlers covered with fun and comfortable preschool backpacks.

All of our children’s backpacks are available in a rainbow of cheerful colors that kids will love, from gender neutral options to hot pinks and blues.

Toddler backpack for ages 2+: the deuter Pico

Backpacks for kids from ages 3+ and preschool backpacks

We’ve got no fewer than three different children’s rucksacks for preschool, day care and kindergarten. These packs for kids aged 3 and up combine a comfortable fit with safety features like reflective prints and details. They’ve also got plenty of room to hold a snack, a sweater and a spare pair of pants – so your tiny adventurer has everything they need for preschool and the playground alike.

Kids’ hiking and biking backpacks for 5 – 10-year-olds

As much as they’ll love their school backpacks from deuter, kids will be eager to swap them out for our hiking and biking backpacks. After all, so much of life happens outside the classroom! With our hiking backpacks for kids, your children can join you on your adventures or strike out on their own to summer camp. Our unisex kids’ backpacks for ages 5 and up feature three different back systems, each one designed for a specific use ranging from your child’s first hiking pack all the way through to trekking backpacks for eight-year-olds.

Biking backpacks for kids

As a parent, it can sometimes be hard to watch your kids racing up and down gravel roads, tearing up the trails at the bike park or bombing it down a steep hill. At least you can rest assured that your child will have everything they need close at hand in one of deuter’s kid-sized cycling or mountain biking backpacks. They hold it all: helmet, water, and other gear. These specially designed unisex bike backpacks sit comfortably and securely on the back and feature clever extras for a safe, relaxed ride.

Freuquently asked questions about backpacks for Kids

At what age can my child carry a backpack?

Of course, the smaller your child is, the smaller and lighter their backpack should be. Even children as young as 1 or 2 years old can carry a small rucksack: just make sure it’s no bigger than 5 liters in capacity. It’s also important to pay attention to how the pack fits. The deuter Pico has ergonomic, child-friendly shoulder straps and weighs just 200 grams – so it’s perfect for kids ages 2 and up.

What’s a good weight limit for a kids’ backpack?

It’s important not to put too much strain on growing kids’ backs. Preschoolers shouldn’t carry more than one kilogram (or 2.2 lb.). Elementary school kids can handle up to 3 kilograms (6.6 lb.). Generally speaking, kids shouldn’t carry more than 4 or 5 kg (8-11 lb.) before age 12. Teenagers up to age 16 should limit their packs to 7 kg (approx. 15 lb.)

What size is right for my child’s new backpack?

For kids between 1 and 3 years old, very small backpacks are best, with no more than 5 liters in volume and less than 30 cm in length. For kids ages 3 and up, we recommend our small kindergarten or preschool backpacks, which can hold 5 to 10 liters and are no taller than 40 cm. School-aged kids (5 or 6 years and up) can shoulder an 11-to-22-liter pack, and kids ages 8 and up can even handle 30 liters or more and a pack height of 60 cm, depending on your child’s height. Of course, the pack’s weight will also depend on what goes inside it – it’s important to pack light, to protect a growing young spine.

Which backpack is best for my fifth grader?

Once kids have reached fifth grade or so, they can carry larger, more technical packs. Besides suitable school backpacks, deuter also offers specialized youth backpacks for hiking and biking. The deuter Fox can accompany kids on trips and hikes from age 8 all the way through their teenage years. The deuter Attack JR and deuter Compact JR bike backpacks are perfect for young mountain bikers.

Why choose a kids’ backpack from deuter?

All of our children’s backpacks are available in a variety of colors and patterns that little ones will love. Our product development team is always working to improve our existing products, making them safer and more comfortable for your kids. Some other advantages of our backpacks are listed below:

  • Hard-wearing quality: We use rugged, high-quality materials so our child backpacks can withstand any adventure, for years on end.
  • Environmentally friendly: We waterproof our backpacks without PFC / PFAS finishes, so our packs are safe for kids and the environment.
  • Sustainable: We are a bluesign® system partner, and our bluesign® products (including the Kikki children’s backpack) meet stringent requirements for environmental sustainability, occupational safety and consumer protection.
  • Responsibility: To us, responsibility is about more than environmental protection. It’s also about treating our employees well. We’re a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and Germany’s national Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien) and ensure fair working conditions across our supply chain.
  • Comfortable & back-friendly: To offer small children the greatest comfort right from the start, we develop our backpacks in collaboration with experienced mountain guides, athletes and experts. It’s no wonder deuter back systems are among the most comfortable in the industry.
  • Lifetime repair service: We offer repairs worldwide for the lifetime of our products. Whether it’s an open seam, a broken zipper or a torn strap – the way we see it, we’d rather fix it than have you throw it in landfill. That way, we get to do something good for the planet and give your children more time with their favorite backpack.