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A second chance at a long backpack life

Long live craftsmanship! We at deuter have been making innovative, hardwearing products of high quality for more than 120 years, with the aim of ensuring they have the longest possible lifespan. We also strive to keep our production as environmentally friendly and resource efficient as possible. But let’s be honest: Things are only really sustainable if they can be used for a very long time. The longer they are used, the fewer new items need to be manufactured and the less gets thrown away.

Because it takes a concerted effort to protect the environment, we’d love for you to handle your backpack with care, use it for as long as possible, get it back into shape with original replacement parts when things wear out, and use our repair service when needed. And if at some point you just really want or need a new backpack, our Second Life offerings are a particularly sustainable alternative to our regular product portfolio.

Second Life products are backpacks with light wear and tear, or factory seconds, returns, and product samples that are no longer needed – all of which have been lovingly and expertly restored by our experienced repair service team. Second Life is our way of extending the useful life of our products, reducing waste, and giving you functional, high-quality goods at a lower price – and ultimately making a significant contribution to protecting the environment.


Second Life packs are available for sale at our deuter Shop in Gersthofen, Germany. Stop by any time during our hours of operation to see for yourself what is on offer and pick out your favorite piece. All packs are fully functional and ready for use. Since every Second Life product is one of a kind, they are sold “as seen” and are only available while supplies last. Our 2-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase also applies to Second Life products, with the exception of existing defects that are indicated at the time of purchase.

So, come on over and pick up your deuter Second Life pack – and do yourself and the environment some good.