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This year marks exactly 125 years that deuter has been developing high-quality, high-performing products for outdoor adventurers. Without them, we’d never have gotten this far. People and their needs have always been the force driving us to keep innovating. And our love of the natural world obligates us to take responsibility and make a positive contribution to protecting it. We’d like to celebrate this anniversary with you. Are you ready to help us make history? The deuter anniversarally is a once-in-a-lifetime, money-can’t-buy experience, a chance to put teamwork and sportsmanship to work to achieve something bigger than ourselves.


True to the motto that we can achieve more together, we’d like to send you and our anniversary backpack on a unique journey.

It all starts on June 14, 2023, at our headquarters in Gersthofen. The first participant will shoulder the backpack through the first relay stage, wherever they choose to go. You get to choose which direction, how far and to which country you go and what outdoor activity you do with the pack. The only requirement is that it must be done “by fair means” – that is, the activity itself cannot involve motorized transportation and the transition from one stage to the next must be seamless.

Once the first stage is completed, the next participant takes over. From here on, the backpack will make history, traveling for 60 days in all, in relay stages designed entirely by the individual participants.

How can you be part of it? It’s simple. We’ll open applications for the stages on a rolling basis. Since we’ll be tracking the backpack’s travels and current location, you’ll be able to see where it is and where exactly you can take it up for your stage.


You are curious and want to know where our backpack will be soon? On this map, you can follow the last planned and assigned stage and find out whether the anniversary backpack will also be coming to your area.

Stage 3

Start:1 Dorfstr. 33, 82487 Oberammergau
Destination: Kaiser-Ludwig-Platz 1, 82488 Ettal
Arrival at destination: 17.06.2023
Route: 11,8 km / 721 hm
Carrier: Lukas Irmler
Handover to: Ann-Kathrin Krimmer
Activity: Climbing



Adventure and fun are the main focus of our anniversarally. Just by being part of it and contributing to this team effort, you’re bound for glory! But that’s not all. Everyone who participates will get an exclusive anniversarally patch. It’s a unique badge that not only serves as a souvenir but also officially identifies you as an active participant. There will also be a few special prizes for outstanding or best performances.

As we’ve all heard, many roads lead to Rome (or wherever it is you’d like to go). But we want to honor exceptional efforts with special prizes from deuter and our partners. That’s extra incentive for you to really go above and beyond for your stage of the relay and let your creativity run wild.



After the entire anniversarally is completed, our fans and followers will choose the best stage of the tour. The winner will receive a Garmin fenix® 7 and a deuter goodie bag. 


Our partner Lowa will reward the longest distance traveled (or the most kilometers within a stage) with a pair of RENEGADE GTW Mid hiking boots from the ATC collection. Winner chooses the color (based on availability). Here, too, we’ll throw in a deuter goodie bag.


High fliers (or riders/runners/climbers/you get the picture) will also be rewarded. We’ll be tracking not only the distance covered but also elevation gain. The participant who covers the most vertical meters will receive a pair of trekking poles from our partner Leki (MAKALU LITEor the women’s model CRESSIDA). Our partner CEP will also contribute a pair of functional socks for your next ascent. And of course, we’ll also add our deuter goodie bag to the mix.


Will you walk, run, ride, fly or paddle – or some combination? Will you travel on just one leg or on three wheels? There are no limits to your creativity. And the most unusual implementation will receive a deuter package valued at €250 plus our deuter goodie bag.


“Content is king.” And we’ll crown a winner for best content. So, share beautiful photos, moving stories, and engaging videos of your stage for a chance to win a model of your choice from the 125th anniversary edition plus a deuter goodie bag.



We not only enable all participants to have a unique experience, but also donate 50 cents to the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) for every kilometre covered. EOCA was founded 17 years ago and has so far supported 172 nature conservation projects in 65 countries with a total of five million euros. In order to preserve nature and enable the next generations to enjoy just as many beautiful moments, we specifically invest in a conservation project supported by EOCA. With our donations, the project of the Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia will be set in motion. The primary aim is to protect the brown bear.

As bear numbers increase, frequent encounters cause damage to livestock, crops and especially beehives. Therefore, farmers in Serbia are supported with bear-proof fences for their beehives. In addition, fruit tree seedlings are planted as bear food away from the farms to preserve the bears' habitat and reduce the conflict between humans and brown bears. We are happy to support such a project. You too?


In honor of our 125th birthday, we have designed a limited-edition backpack. Your constant companion throughout the anniversarally is a limited-edition piece that will soon see and experience a great deal thanks in part to your efforts. Take a closer look at the limited-edition Guide 125.


For this tour, it’s crucial that we know where the backpack is at all times and where the hand-off to the next stage can take place. That’s why we use a Garmin inReach® Mini 2 – a tiny, handy satellite communication device made by our partner Garmin – to track the backpack’s progress and stops in real time. The second and more important reason we track the pack is for your safety. The Garmin inReach® Mini 2 allows you to send and receive messages, check the route and the weather, or call for help in an emergency along your route – even where there’s no cell service. That gives us peace of mind and allows you the freedom to really focus on your route.


Only one person can register, but of course you can have others join you on your route.

Every participant is expected to take along a bag inside the backpack.

We’ll put you in touch with the person you’ll be handing the backpack off to (or receiving the pack from) so you can agree on the exact hand-off location. You have to indicate the approximate destination on your application for the stage, but you should discuss the exact details directly.

Once we’ve got your predecessor/successor’s social media handles and/or phone number, we’ll pass at information on to you.

We’ve built a Garmin inReach® Mini 2 into the backpack.

Yes, the Garmin inReach® Mini 2 does need to be charged now and then. The charging cable will be inside the backpack, and we’ll let you know in plenty of time (using the contact information you give us) if it’s time for a charge.

Let us know as soon as you suspect that you won’t be able to reach your set destination, so we can inform the person who is supposed to take over the backpack and make adjustments as needed.

Yes, but only to get to the start of your actual tour/activity.

Yes, but only to get to the start of your actual tour/activity.

Any activity on foot, on water or in the air is permitted, as long as it’s not motorized. Exception for eBike.

  • Infiniti roll-top
  • Infiniti dirtbag
  • Cap
  • Buff
  • Magic wrap
  • Sticker