deuter school backpacks

deuter school backpacks

The new school backpack

Which school backpack is right for me?

Simply worn, simply comfortable, simply ergonomic: it simply fits!

Our recommendation:

  • Ypsilon from third year as well as secondary school and from a body height of 1.35 m
  • Strike from secondary school and a body height of 1.45 m

The Ypsilon

Active kids need a lightweight backpack to accompany them in all their activities in everyday school life and on the way to and from school. Without any complicated settings and its deuter Contact carrier system, the Ypsilon is perfectly suited for growing children. The perfect alternative to satchels! The newly developed Lumbal Pad ensures the best fit and distribution of weight and, thus, supports the natural development of children.


The Strike

The big brother of the Ypsilon school backpack is ideal for daily life in secondary school, too. Without any complicated settings, the light and ergonomic school backpack adapts perfectly to the teenage anatomy. The deuter Contact back system with the newly developed Lumbal Pad gently transfers the weight to the shoulders and hips, even during growth spurts. And because it fits so well, you don’t even need a waist belt. The result: more freedom of movement! The front pocket provides additional space for a helmet, ball or jacket – perfect for after-school activities.


Optimal carrying without any complicated settings

The innovation – the new Deuter Lumbal Pad

Deuter is a backpack pioneer! Innovation is in our DNA; our products are constantly evolving. For our school backpacks, we collaborate closely with children, teenagers, parents and doctors. Their comments and wishes are directly taken into consideration.

The result:

  1. Simply worn: no complicated settings necessary – put it on, tighten the shoulder straps, done.
  2. Simply comfortable: thanks to the perfect fit on the back and the anatomically shaped shoulder straps, the backpack hugs the body comfortably. This way, it supports the pleasure of exercise and the natural development of children and teenagers.
  3. Simply ergonomic: the complete school backpack is adapted to the anatomy of children and teenagers and transfers the load perfectly to the body’s locomotor system.
The Deuter school backpack simply fits!



  • Wat matters in a school backpack?

“The carrying system must adapt to the body and 30 percent of the weight must transfer onto the shoulders, 70 percent to the pelvis –  the Lumbal Pad does this perfectly, which makes a broad hip belt unnecessary. The carrying system must grow along with the wearer and it must do so without complicated settings. Also, the load weight must be worn close to the body so that the body’s centre of gravity isn’t tilted backwards. This way, it supports the pleasure of exercise and the natural development.”

  • And all of this can be done – without a hip belt?

“Yes, with the right technology it can! Many people think that the pelvis is rigid. This is a misunderstanding – after all, it moves with every movement of the body! The Deuter school backpack enables natural freedom of movement because it works without any fixed hip belts. The weight load is evenly transferred to the sacrum through the Lumbal Pad, a trapezoidal cushion. This way, the weight load is transmitted to the body’s locomotor system in the gentlest way possible. It also helps that the whole back system and the ergonomic shoulder straps fit perfectly to the body. Another benefit is that absolutely no mistakes can be made when adjusting. In the worst case, a hip belt that sits wrongly could lead to blockages.”

  • So why do trekking backpacks have hip belts?

“In this case, other weight levels are carried, up to 30 or even 40 kilogrammes. So here it is important to transfer the load away from the shoulder and more towards the pelvis. With school backpacks, a load transfer via the Lumbal Pad is fully sufficient. Because the back system hugs the body perfectly: Deuter has the only school backpack, that I know of, with which a child can do a full rotation on a horizontal bar without the backpack slipping. And for extreme or swinging movements such as cycling, there is also a lightweight waist belt. This prevents the backpack slipping sideways. When not in use, it can be taken off.”

Best way to load the school backpack


  1. Release all straps
  2. Tighten shoulder straps Not too tight as the main load is carried by the Lumbal Pad
  3. Shoulder strap base ideally between the shoulder blades
  4. Fasten chest strap and adjust
  5. Stabiliser straps: loose = more ventilation, tight = more contact
  6. Hip belt, if needed: e.g. when cycling, gently fixed with hip belt




Only the name remains: deuter has reinvented the two school backpacks Ypsilon and Strike and equipped them with an ingenious, back-friendly carrier system. They are ideal for students just switching to secondary school.

Im deuter Blog schildern unsere Shooting Stars Sophia und Ben, was sie an ihren neuen Schulrucksäcken schätzen. Auch Dr. Micha Bahr kommt zu Wort und erklärt, warum das LumbalPad die beste Lösung zur Lastübertragung bei Heranwachsenden ist. Und wir haben eine Überraschung für euch parat: Beim Kauf eines neuen Deuter Schulrucksacks gibt es ein reflektierendes Stickerset gratis!

Good for the children and the environment

Our new school backpacks are perfect to carry and supportchildren and adolescents in their natural physical development. Also, they’re especially sustainable and ecologically harmless thanks to the fact that no perfluorinated or polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC) were used in the selection of materials!


Bücher, Stifte, Trinkflasche, Pausenbrot, Sportzeug und Hefte – und schon ist der Schulranzen zu schwer. Kinder schleppen jahrelang zahlreiche Dinge zur Schule und wieder nach Hause. Du kannst ihnen die Last zwar nicht abnehmen, jedoch kannst du bereits beim Kauf des Schulranzens auf gewisse Faktoren achten und so die Gefahr von auftretenden Haltungsschäden oder Rückenschmerzen minimieren.