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The new Deuter Trans Alpine series

For enthusiastic mountain bikers

Mountain bike Transalp

Cycling over mountains: be prepared!

Thanks to the numerous routes across the Alps, the dream of doing a Transalp tour is not exclusive to professional cyclists. But what do you need to pay attention to when planning? How do I prepare for my Transalp trip? And what can a biking pro tell us about Transalp tours?

Gerhard Czerner offers some tips about how to prepare and navigate correctly and which equipment you should have with you. He even has a video on packing your backpack!

The Trans Alpine

Our favourite all-rounder has reinvented itself!

The Trans Alpine succeeded the first bike backpack, Bike 1, which was developed during the first Alpen Cross Tour.
In the meantime, it has developed into a real all-rounder.

More streamlined, more modern and much more adaptable, the Trans Alpine now joins us wherever we go! The front mesh compartment stows not only a helmet but also equipment, shopping and much more. The mobile pocket is easily accessible without having to take off the backpack. Large zipper openings make the front and bottom pocket extremely accessible and the organiser pockets ensure that you always maintain an overview. The Trans Alpine has been a favourite for years thanks to the high level of carry comfort with the three-zone cover on the back and the compact fit provided by the deeply embedded Auto-Compress hip-fin design.

Trans Alpine 24
Trans Alpine 28 SL
Trans Alpine 30
Trans Alpine 32 EL

The guides’ favourite

It is a favourite of ambitious tour bikers and alpine climbers

It has been completely redesigned and, thus, sits perfectly on the trail and ensures ideal ventilation with optimum control thanks to the low contact area of the Airstripe back system. The functional distribution and the large, expandable organiser compartment provide order and help maintain an overview.

Trans Alpine Pro 26 SL
Trans Alpine Pro 28
Trans Alpine Pro 28

A feast for all the senses

Cycling in the Haute Provence

What can a cyclist expect to find when setting out for one of the least densely populated areas of Central Europe to explore a few trails?

The Haute Provence region in southeast France impresses visitors with its infinite expanse of untouched nature. Eric Haufe, Regina Taubenberger and Michael Hechtl talk about it in their experience report. Photographer Stefan Neuhauser accompanied the three of them.