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1. Backpack care

Longer durability with the right care!

Your backpack accompanies you on many hiking trips. In order for you and your backpack to share as many adventures as possible, you can extend the life span of your Deuter backpack with regular care. You’ll find some practical and simple tips below.

Can I wash my backpack in the washing machine?

“No, because abrasion affects the material (PU coating) and causes damages over time. Detergent residues often remain as well. For sensitive skin types, this can cause skin irritation, e.g. at the shoulder straps. A chemical reaction caused by sweat, detergent residues and UV radiation promotes the faster decomposition of the materials.

The best way to clean the backpack is by laying it in a bowl or bathtub, depending on its size, and washing it with pH-neutral soap or shower gel. Any dirt on the backpack can be easily removed with a brush. Salt edges on the wearing system can be rinsed off by pressing the material together multiple times by hand using soap and plenty of water. Must be stored in a dry environment!”

  1. Empty the backpack completely after each trip. Remove stains by hand with a simple soap solution and a brush.
  2. Do not put the backpack in a washing machine or dryer as this will damage the PU coating.
  3. Backpack material is not generally suitable for ironing.
  4. Keep zips free of dirt.
  5. Fasten the belts for storage purposes and keep in a dry, well ventilated area.

Does the material of a backpack need to be re-impregnated?

For the first few years, the material of the backpack remains sufficiently watertight. However, following long exposure to rain, water penetrates through the zips and seams. For mountain trekking, climbing and ski tours, watertight packsacks can be put inside the backpack to protect its contents from getting wet. The advantage: all attachment loops for carrying equipment, e.g. ice picks, skis, poles or snowshoes, are easily accessible. A rain cover is used for hiking and trekking backpacks. For older models, re-impregnation only helps over a short period of time. Impregnations (spray and bath impregnations) penetrate into the base layer and can cause skin irritation.

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2. Sleeping bag care

How do I ensure my sleeping bag lasts for a long time?

If you have chosen a Deuter sleeping bag, you will want to keep and use it for as long as possible. Proper care and storage are therefore crucial! Here we share some tips on how to store and care for your sleeping bag. 

Appropriate care:

Storage bag

When stored, the filling requires enough space to be able to expand and “recover”. The sleeping bag should therefore be loosely packed or stuffed inside a storage bag or pillow case and stored in a dry environment. Use the packsack for transport only.

Stuff rather than roll

Rolling always puts a strain on the filling at the same places and can damage the structure. Stuffing also makes it easier to compress.

Air thoroughly

After each use, ventilate the sleeping bag thoroughly – for example, on the tent. Washing, on the other hand, reduces its insulating performance. You should only wash the sleeping bag if absolutely necessary. Individual stains can often be removed with a sponge and lukewarm soapy water.

Nurture and care

If you wash the sleeping bag, do so carefully!

  1. Close all fasteners and loosen all cords.
  2. Turn the sleeping bag inside out.
  3. Use only special down or synthetic fibre detergent.
  4. For hand wash Soak thoroughly with plenty of lukewarm water in the bathtub, gently knead and rinse well several times – do not wring!
  5. For machine wash Use gentle cycle (30°C), rinse several times OR run the wash programme WITHOUT detergent and do not spin! For a good washing result, use a machine with at least 5 kg capacity. Lift out the wet, very heavy sleeping bag with care to avoid tearing the filling fleece or down compartments.
  6. Squeeze out in a bathtub/shower and leave to drip dry. Do not wring!
  7. Dry in tumble dryer (Min. 7 kg) at lowest level (30°C). For a down filling, add a few tennis balls and dry until it has regained its full loft.
  8. Dry on a drying rack Always spread out open and flat, never hang!

Down needs several days to dry. Carefully loosen the clumps of down by hand several times daily. Artificial fibres dry faster and do not need to be loosened. Squeeze out in a tub/shower and leave to drip dry. Do not wring!

Down loss: why does my sleeping bag lose down?

A down sleeping bag must be breathable and, therefore, permeable to air in order to provide the appropriate comfort. This occasionally leads to finer fragments of down leaking out through the fabric. However, this “down loss” does not mean that the sleeping bag is defective. If you notice any down escaping from the inside of the sleeping bag, the best solution is to pull it back into the filling from the opposite side. The resulting gap in the fabric of sleeping bag should close by itself during subsequent use.
Fragments of down should not be pulled out as there is a risk that several more fragments will leak out too. This is a result of the structure of the down in the sleeping bag; the individual fragments of down are interlinked. Also, pulling at them may cause the gap in the fabric to expand further.
So, don’t worry about isolated fragments of down leaking out overnight. This is natural and does not reduce the insulation performance of the sleeping bag.

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3. Streamer care

How to clean the drinking system correctly

Cleaning your water bag and the entire drinking system is an essential part of maintaining your outdoor equipment. How do you best clean your water bag? We have a simple guide for you here!

  1. Open Streamer
  2. Remove tube from the water bag
  3. Remove bite valve from the mouthpiece
  4. Rotate valve to the central mark (quarter rotation), remove and disassemble (do not remove the 90° angle piece from the tube)
  5. Clean everything with water and washing-up liquid
  6. Never use boiling water
  7. Rinse thoroughly with clear water
  8. The tube can be optimally cleaned with the Streamer tube brush.
  9. To dry, place some kitchen towels into the water bag and hang upside down.
  10. Assemble only once everything is completely dry.

Protect the filled Streamer from direct sunlight. Clean carefully after each use of soft drinks. Denture cleansers can be used in the event of heavy contamination. If necessary, put the empty drinking system into the freezer. Thaw after freezing and clean as described. This is a simple and safe way to kill any bacteria that get into the system.

Storage: once cleaned, store the open Streamer in a clean, dry place.

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