The Deuter Trans Alpine series

Our favourite all-rounder has reinvented itself!

A touring pack for multi-day bike trips with a solid fit and well ventilated back, plus a host of clever stow options. 


Getting a puncture is a common occurrence on longer bike trips. So, when it inevitably happens, it’s good to have a pump and tool kit handy. The new Trans Alpine’s clever compartment design makes it quick and easy to fix a puncture. There’s a dedicated external-access compartment for your bicycle pump and a small internal compartment designed to accommodate tools.

And the new Trans Alpine series comes with a new-style helmet holder. It clips into two special rings on the outside of the pack for easy helmet stowage. The great thing about this new system, is that you can still access the contents of your pack with your helmet in the holder.

The new Trans Alpine now also has even better carry comfort. Reduced back padding contact surface results in superior ventilation. Plus, the shoulder straps flex and bend with your every move to prevent load wobble even when the terrain gets technical.

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Deuter Trans Alpine

Solid fit for multi-day rides


Trans Alpine Key Features

  • Helmet stows easily with all compartments still accessible. Fixing the helmet holder with simple attachment clips keeps your helmet out of the way when loading the pack. 

  • Quick pump access with a dedicated bicycle pump compartment, so you can have that flat tyre inflated in no time at all. 

  • Comfortable secure fit through adjustable ActiveFit shoulder straps and the adaptable aluminium frame for an ergonomic fit. 

  • Ventilated back thanks to the Airstripes back system with reduced contact surface for maximum air circulation across the back. Pull-Forward adjustors compress the base of the load and create a compact, snug fit at the same time.

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Trans Alpine Pro: The guides’ favourite

It is a favourite of ambitious tour bikers and alpine climbers

It has been completely redesigned and, thus, sits perfectly on the trail and ensures ideal ventilation with optimum control thanks to the low contact area of the Airstripe back system. The functional distribution and the large, expandable organiser compartment provide order and help maintain an overview.

Trans Alpine Pro 26 SL
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Trans Alpine Pro 28
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Trans Alpine Pro 28
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It is the favourite of ambitious touring bikers and alpine crossers.

Completely redesigned, it sits perfectly on the trail and, thanks to the small contact area of the Airstripes back system, provides the best ventilation with optimum control. The functional layout and the large, fold-out organisation compartment ensure order and overview.