Streamer Tube & Helix Valve

Drinking system

The new mouthpiece is leak-free thanks to its water-stop locking action. Simply turn to open. Light pressure activates the drink opening, which provides a pleasingly high flow of liquid regardless of the position in the mouth. When done drinking, the integral spring valve automatically closes the mouthpiece. The “Hi-Flow Bite Valve” is easily disassembled for cleaning.

The attachable protective cap keeps the mouthpiece free from dirt during longer journeys.

The whole system is BPA-free as well as PFC-free.

Colour: transparent
GTIN: 4046051023786
Weight: 72 g
2 years warranty

Ideal for

Mountain biking Mountain biking (5 of 5)
Ski tour Ski tour (5 of 5)
Trekking Trekking (4 of 5)
Hiking Hiking (4 of 5)

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