An ABS® pack with perfect fit!
Our OnTop packs unite the top safety airbag pioneer ABS® and the top comfort of our Alpine Back System. The integrated ABS®-Twinbag System keeps the athlete in case of an avalanche "on top" by inflating two airbags with an overall volume of 170 litres and therefore significantly increase the chance of survival.

"We are convinced by the ABS system for a long time now. Only the backpacks weren't perfect, until now. The ABS packs by Deuter provide the perfect fit and a thought-out interior." - Alix von Melle

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The Freerider series, designed for ski mountaineers and offpiste riders, has been part of the Deuter collection for quite some time. Both the regular version and the pro version of the Freerider provide everything you need in a pack for one day ski tours and convince with all of its though-out features.

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For all of those who need more than the Freerider has to offer, who prefer a lid opening or transport more equipment on tour, we present the Rise series.

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