Kleur: midnight-moss (blue-green)
Artikel nummer : 3320316-3221
Gewicht: 2690 g
Volume: 55 + 10 liter
Maat: 80 / 28 / 22 (H x B x D) cm

It has been an absolutely trustworthy companion on so many trips around the world. It’s always hard to change a winning team. But it was time to refine our Aircontact legends. They are still extremely durable, but now come in a more modern, slim look. And they are more comfortable, too, with their new flexible Active Fit shoulder straps and the revised hip wing construction. For female trekkers we’ve added the new 70+10 SL model.

Highlights van Aircontact 55 + 10

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Rugsysteem: Deuter Aircontact System

Rugsysteem: Deuter Aircontact System
  • 1The light way to carry heavy weight: The Aircontact system perfectly adapts to the wearer's back and holds the load close to the body's centre of gravity. With every movement, a pump effect circulates air through the breathable padding with special ventilating hollow chamber. The result: 15% less perspiration than with other body-contour packs.
  • 2The proven VariQuick system guarantees easy adjustment to any back length. The new back panel construction creates a big contact surface making it even more compact and comfortable to carry.
  • 3The anatomic profiled X-frame transfers weight on the hips. The crossed aluminium stays create a flexible, yet stable frame that follows your body movements.
  • 4The ergonomic head moulding provides perfect head clearance (from Aircontact 50+10 SL).
  • 5Additional load adjustment straps on the shoulder straps allow optimal positioning of the backpack. These are easily positioned on the shoulder straps using a "Triglide" buckle. Aircontact models above 50+10 SL sizes also have two different fixing points, depending on the back length setting, in order top optimize the load adjustor strap angle.
  • 6The new ActiveFit shoulder straps are flexible and automatically adapt to the shoulder's width and angle. Their anatomical S-shape follows the neck and shoulder contour and thus prevents chafing or pressure points.
  • 7The new, complex 3D-shape of the hip fins guarantees an outstanding fit. They are made from multiple layers combining soft and firm foam with additional reinforcement. Thus they evenly distribute the load on the hips without any pressure points. Side compressions straps on the fins regulate the weight and increase stability. On the smaller models the fins are softer, while the bigger packs come with more stable foam.
  • 8The VariFlex hip fins follow even the most complex movements - especially important when carrying a hefty load.
  • 9The pull forward function makes the hip belt easy to fasten even with heavy loads.


( materiaal samenstelling: Polyester: 25% / Polyamide: 75% )
Kodra 1000

Een polyamide-weefsel dat extreem schuur- en scheurvrij is. Bij bijna alle rugzakken met groot volume wordt het daarom in het bodemgedeelte gebruikt. Het heeft een draadsterkte van 1000 den en binnenin een dikke PU coating.

Mini Rip 330

Deuter Micro Rip 6.6 is een 330 den nylon mengweefsel, dat zich onderscheidt door een grote trek- en scheurbestendigheid. Vooral het gebruik van nylon 6.6 maakt het textiel extreem onverslijtbaar en duurzaam. Door de PU coating is het tot 2000 mm waterdicht en zo ideaal voor grote rugzakken, zoals onze nieuwe Aircontact serie.