Color: midnight hex (blue-green)
Article ID: 3830016-3046
Weight: 1360 g
Volume: 32 litres
Size: 45 / 32 / 29 (H x W x D) cm

Strike, Ypsilon's cool big brother, doesn't hold the kids back in any activity. Their skateboard can easily be strapped to the front of the Strike.

Due to the Deuter Comfort Fit carrying system it's perfectt for bigger kid from 145 cm to 180 cm. Thanks to the large volume the everyday life at school is managed easily.

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( material composition: Polyester: 75% / Polyamide: 25% )
PES 600

Made from 600 den Polyester thread and with a thick PU coating, this multi-purpose fabric is robust and lightweight. It is most suitable for backpacks, used in average conditions to keep the weight to a minimum.

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