Why does the Deuter SL system fit women so well?

We have established a female team of professional athletes and designers for the development of our SL packs (SL stands for Slim Line). The team controls the development of the SL backpacks. This is why they are not just "colored" models of unisex backpacks, but also their supporting system is perfectly adapted to the female anatomy, as compared to men, women have...

...a shorter torso

This is due to their longer legs and smaller body size. Therefore, the length of the SL back systems is slightly shorter than the standard versions to accommodate the shorter torso thanks to the lower shoulder strap anchor point. An important point, because only the right length of the back system guarantees the perfect fit of shoulder straps and hip fins.

...a more conical shaped hip

This characteristic is further strengthened by the inclination of many women to a greater arch in the spine. Therefore, the anchor points of the SL hip fins are set closer together and are slightly curved angling diagonally upward. The fins are also pre-shaped so that the fastened hip belt has a conical shape delivering a customized fit. The closed waist belt thus forms the required conical shape, so as to fit neatly on the hips and not to create a gap.

...a narrower shoulder width

Therefore, the SL shoulder straps that are both narrower in width and shorter in length, with tapered ends and smaller buckles to avoid chafing in the armpits and eliminate pressure points in the chest area. Also, the shoulder straps are set closer together so they stay in place and don’t slip off the shoulders.

...a more sensitive chest area

This is why the SL shoulder straps also have an S-shape and feature softly lined edges on both sides, allowing them to curve around sensitive areas, reducing chafing.

Women can feel the difference

"The difference is immediately noticeable and convincing without many words. On my tours, I only use Deuter SL." says Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner - she succeeded in climbing all 14 eight thousandths without bottle oxygen in a sporty and fair style. Since 2005 she is a member of the Deuter SL development team.


On average, a woman can carry less than a man. And she also has less muscle power at her disposal. Therefore, the SL development team required no "extra bags". On the contrary, all SL models, analogous to the standard versions, are trimmed to the ideal ratio from well-thought-out equipment to weight.

I am a man - can I wear SL backpacks?

Yes! The SL packs were designed to fit the average athletic female build. However, since not everyone fits the norm it is likely that standard models also fit female users perfectly well and vice versa. SL models also fit younger guys or men with...

...slim builds away from the unisex fit

...with long legs since they have a shorter torso

...with small or medium (S/M) confection size

The exact fit of the backpack on the back of the wearer is decisive for the optimal wearing comfort. This is why it is essential to try on a backpack packed with weights at a Deuter retailer.