XV 1

Sporty, stylish and classy - the new XV 1 with the completely revised Airstripes back system impresses with excellent wearing comfort, maximum ventilation and a minimalistic style.


All XV models are also available as SL-version to be a woman's favorite companion! The rollable closure of the XV 3 (SL) not only is an eyecatcher, but also makes the volume adjustable.

The Deuter gravity series


Gravity Pitch 12 SL

This small, super-light backpack is the perfect companion for a spectacular multi-pitch tour.

Gravity Motion SL

In- or outdoor… with this climbing bag, athletes are cool in any way.

Gravity Rock&Roll 28 SL

No more and no less! Extremely reduced in weight yet equipped with all important functions, this
backpack comes along in extreme terrain, rock and ice. Alpinists will love it.

Gravity Haul 50

If extreme climbers were granted a wish? Maybe haulbag and backpack in one? Voila, here it is.