Color: papaya (orange-red)
Article ID: 3943016-9002
Weight: 160 g
Size: 9 / 12 / 5 (H x W x D) cm
MSRP: 8900 CLP

Our handy First Aid Kit is easily accessible thanks to its all-round zip opening and fold-out storage. The small bag has been stocked based on recommendations by medical experts.


  • 1x compression bandage M, sterile
  • 1x compression bandage G, sterile
  • 1x triangular arm-sling, fleece
  • 1x gauze bandage
  • 1x fleece wound pad, sterile
  • 1x Leinaplast WSV-Set, 20 pieces
  • 1x Mediaplast-starr (Tape) with protection
  • 1x cloth scissors, metal/small
  • 1x pair of latex gloves
  • 1x alarm whistle

Attention: The above-mentioned filling is a basic equipment, which you can supplement according to the destination in consultation with your doctor.



The regular chain-and-weft weaving of stronger threads creates a strong, but light 420 den nylon fabric with good abrasion and rip stopping characteristics. The outside is water-repellent, the inside is PU coated.