It is our responsibility to make sure that our products are functional and durably reliable companions for active people. That is why we invest a great deal of time and effort in the development, production, testing and repairs service of our backpacks, bags and sleeping bags. The fact these products present no health hazards and are safety-tested and approved is a matter of course for us.
Have you read our corporate values? Deuter is synonymous with quality, functionality and longevity – and has been since 1898. Today, we are pioneers in the world of functional backpacks and European market leaders. We know that success like that does not come from good advertising and marketing alone. Our products have to win people over, and stand the test of time. Market focus is the key to happy customers. When our products tick all the boxes for mountain and travel enthusiasts, then they are popular. The figures back us up; more and more people value our products. They offer outstanding carrying comfort and real performance – without any unnecessary extras.


Deuter products are specifically tailored to the people who use them! The fit or detailing can be selected according to the purpose they are intended for. That is why we develop backpacks with specific functions to match the various mountain sports they are designed for, like mobile hip fins, or helmet flaps. There is an entire series of models just for women, specifically tailored to the female anatomy, and we also have models for athletes who are particularly tall.

From the very beginning, our aim has been to make products that perform well for their owners. But not all packs are created the same. Rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and trekking all place extreme demands on both body and equipment – in different ways. Deuter products are perfectly suited to their specific area of expertise.

Full of enthusiasm, we put all our effort into developing faithful companions for passionate athletes, climbers and travellers. In this way, many new innovations have come into existence. In 1930 the Deuter “Tauern” was one of the first packs ever to have a comprehensive carrying system. It was taken on numerous expeditions with mountaineers like Anderl Heckmair on the first ascent of the North Face of the Eiger. In 1984 we revolutionised the backpack world with the first fully ventilated mesh carrying system. Just a few years later, together with Andi Heckmair, son of the Eiger hero, we developed the first bike-specific pack. Since 2006, active women have enjoyed our integrated rucksack collection with its SL women’s fit. And with the EL-models (extra long fit) we also have special packs for very tall athletes. Our product managers approach these developments with as much passion and enthusiasm as they do their own alpine undertakings. But they are not the sole decision makers when it comes to the design of or packs. To make doubly sure that it will be a good companion, we work together with numerous professional athletes, who test the products on their daily exploits in the mountains.

Our collaboration with the German Mountain Guides’ Association is particularly useful in this respect. Following a 200-day practical endurance test carried out by professional mountain guides, we are able to assess in just one year how the product would fare after eight or ten years use by a non-professional or “weekend” climber.


Our products conform to all legal requirements and norms and pose no threat to our customers’ health in any way nor place them in any danger – that is self-evident!
Every Deuter product in its own right conforms to all legal requirements and falls well within the statutory pollutant limits. They are also free of harmful plasticisers (phthalates) and hazardous Azodyes. Our products are all tested for harmful or unsafe elements by independent laboratories. For this, we adhere to the strict guidelines provided by REACH, the EU’s chemical legislation and bluesign’s BSSL (a list of bluesign® standard substances). This incorporates more than 600 limit values and some substances that are banned altogether.

We regularly submit our child carriers and backpacks with integrated PSA back protectors (Descentor and Attack) to TÜV Süd in Munich to be certified with the “TÜV/GS-approved” seal. One of the many things that are tested is whether a child carrier with a 20kg load can withstand over 40 hours of extreme load-bearing use without any defects or breakages. Aside from their off-road capabilities, these products are naturally also tested for chemical safety to guarantee both child and parent the best possible safety standards. To obtain the TÜV certification, our back protectors have to conform to the EU Norm-EN 1621-2. This includes the ability to absorb mechanical impact. To test this, a square-shaped 5kg weight is dropped onto the protector from a height of one metre.
A measuring device then determines how much of the impact was absorbed by the protector and what proportion of it was passed on to the wearer. Our Shield back protector ranks far higher than the required CE values. To ensure the lasting quality of our products we make sure our manufacturing is constantly checked by independent bodies! TÜV employees inspect our production process every year.


The responsibility we have for our products does not end with their sale. We are proud of the fact that Deuter products are known for their long longevity. Our repair service can extend the life of our products to the max.
Throughout the design process, selection of materials and production process we already look for maximum longevity – and do not follow all the trends for ever lighter and therefore more delicate materials. And our very low complaints rate of 0.4 percent shows we are right. Despite this, things can and do still break. That is why we have a repair service in Gersthofen. Even when it makes no commercial sense, we will still bring products that are decades’ old back to life – as long as it is a technical possibility. All repairs can be administered by the dealer where the product was purchased. We are happy to be able to offer our customers this service. But we also view it as a contribution to conservation. Because a product that lasts a long time is the most valuable way of conserving resources.
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Fact: An athlete is truly happy with his or her backpack when it fits exactly and is suited to the task at hand. Another piece of wisdom that applies here: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. Mountain enthusiasts can try out our backpacks for free in our test centres and take them out in the mountains.
A backpack has to sit comfortably on the back not just for a few minutes, but for many hours and during active use. One of our test centres is the Jamtal Hut, which is surrounded by the Silvretta range’s highest mountains - the Fluchthorn, Jamspitzen and Dreiländerspitze to name but a few. There are endless route options here both in summer and winter, on rock and ice, and throughout the grades. The area is also a wonderful hiking destination for families with smaller children. The second place you can test Deuter backpacks in the field is at the DAV training base at Taschachhaus in the Pitztal valley. The area is perfect for high mountain routes, ice routes, education and training, expedition training and also for beautiful multi-day hikes through stunning scenery.

Jamtalhütte, 2.165 m, DAV Sektion Schwaben

The Jamtalhütte in Austria (not far from the Swiss border) has been cooperating with Deuter for several years now. The hut provides Deuter backpacks to test on tour for free. Certainly, the best way to find out whether a pack is the right companion on day or even multi-day trips.
The Jamtalhütte is surrounded by the highest peaks of the Silvretta range: Fluchthorn, Jamspitzen and Dreiländerspitze are just a few of the 44 2.000 and 3.000 peaks – the hut is embedded in an impressive, unique scenery.
Because of its glacier area, this part of the Silvretta is also called the ‘blue Silvretta’. Starlike the side valleys lead to the hut, which makes the Jamtalhütte the perfect starting point for numerous treks and hikes on rock and ice, in summer as well as in winter.
Yet the area is also a great hiking place for families and kids. You can train on climbing walls in and around the hut, at the Westliche Gamshorn as well as the Via Ferrata at the Pfannknecht.
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Taschachhaus, 2.434 m, Training Center for the DAV

The alpine hut Taschachhaus in the Pitztal (Tyrol, Austria) serves as training center for the DAV, Germany’s Alpine Association. It is the ideal starting point for alpine tours, ice routes, for expedition preparations as well as beautiful, extensive hiking tours in a breathtaking scenery. In spring 2009, the Taschachhaus started its cooperation with backpack pioneer Deuter. You can test (for free) Deuter packs on your tours – definitely the best way to find out whether the pack fits your back.
The Taschachhaus is not only popular because of its perfect location near Austria`s second highest peak, the Wildspitze (3.772 m). There are many further classics of the Eastern Alps right on the hut’s doorstep: Taschachwand, Wildspitze North Face, Petersenspitze and many more. The house itself has a lot to offer, too: fantastic food, rooms for seminars, a climbing hall, an altitude acclimatization tent, as well as climbing and ice gear by brand Stubai Alpin; the two Deuter backpacks available for testing are the Guide 30+ and the Guide 35+.
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