The Deuter Gravity Series

Gravity Haul 50

If extreme climbers were granted a wish? Maybe haulbag and backpack in one? Voila, here it is.

Gravity Expedition 45

The whole range of experience of our expedition professionals was the basis for developing this backpack - tailor-made to their needs. In collaboration with Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Dominik Müller and Kazuya Hiraide, we have created a minimalistic, highly functional companion for extreme activities - only weighing as less as 870 g!

Gravity Motion

In- or outdoor… with this climbing bag, athletes are cool in any way.

Gravity Rock&Roll 30

No more and no less! Extremely reduced in weight yet equipped with all important functions, this
backpack comes along in extreme terrain, rock and ice. Alpinists will love it.

Gravity Pitch 12

This small, super-light backpack is the perfect companion for a spectacular multi-pitch tour.
Guide 42+ EL
Gravity Motion
Gravity Pitch 12
Gravity Rock&Roll 30
Gravity Haul 50
Gravity Expedition 45+
Gravity Chalk Bag I M
Gravity Chalk Bag I L
Gravity Chalk Bag II M
Gravity Chalk Bag II L
Gravity Boulder
Gravity Rope Sheet
Guide Lite 28 SL
Gravity Rope Bag
Guide Lite 32
Guide 30+ SL
Guide 35+
Guide 40+ SL
Guide 45+


PES 600

Made from 600 den Polyester thread and with a thick PU coating, this multi-purpose fabric is robust and lightweight. It is most suitable for backpacks, used in average conditions to keep the weight to a minimum.

Mini Rip 330

Deuter Micro Rip 6.6 is a 330 den Nylon blended fabric offering fantastic tear resistance. The use of Nylon 6.6 makes the material very durable and robust. Waterproof (WC 2.000 mm) thanks to the PU coating. The perfect material for big packs like the new Aircontact range.


Special high density 420 denier polyamide offers high abrasion resistance with it's very tight weave. This top quality fabric is used for Guide backpacks and Travel range models. PU coating.

Oxford 420

Mini Check 100HT

The lightweight version of our Nylon Pocket Rip. The thin yarn is extremely lightweight. Yet the tight weave makes it extremely abrasion and tear resistant.