Gerhard Czerner - 360° biker, 365 days a year

Gerhard has been working with Deuter for 15 years. He was a very successful trial biker, and is an allround rider today: he is a certified bike instructor, bike guide, outdoor coach, and in the winter season he is a ski and snowboard instructor. Gerhard may be a bike crack, yet he loves and cherishes the peaceful moments in nature.
I’m a Deuter family member because:I particularly like the family-like atmosphere at Deuter. As an external you often have this image of a big impersonal company in mind – especially with a market leader like Deuter. But the team is small, extremely open and dedicated. It is all about creating a reliable top quality product that saves natural resources.

Date of Birth: 10.05.76
First bike: the one I can remember was a foldable bike back in 1984.
What’s special about my current bike: it is much more solid than the foldable bike
My favourite Deuter: Attack 20
My favourite spot: beautiful trails in beautiful scenery – in whatever part of this beautiful world.
I like uphill: when I know there’s a nice trail down.
I like downhill: when it’s not on asphalt.

Marcus Klausmann - the Champion

For those of you who do not know Marcus – let’s roll out some figures: 34 years old, 3 children, Downhill pro for 15 years. 14x German Downhill Champion (unreached), Vice-World Champion, winner of the World Cup in 1996, plus double Junior Trial World Champion. Marcus is a favourite with TV and filmers and, of course, a favourite at Deuter as well.
I’m a Deuter bike family member, because:I’ve been working with Deuter for years now and I’m very proud to be part of the family. They have very clever products and I always find the right thing for any situation: I found the best pack for biking – and also the best equipment for travelling…

Date of Birth:
Nickname: Mausi Mausmann
My first bike: 1990, a Cat4
My favourite Deuter: Attack Enduro 16
My favourite spot: Leogang/Austria and South Tyrol
Uphill or Downhill? I love descents. And I love to go down fast.

Facebook: facebook/marcusklausmann

Hans "No Way" Rey

If you need an introduction, here’s a seriously shortened list: member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, professional rider and adventurer, Trial World Champion and initiator of the charity organisation “Wheels 4 Life”, star of numerous bike films and stuntman, German born, Swiss nationality, travelling
the world extensively and at home in California. A man who inspires and a man who always sets out to push boundaries. He lives with his wife Carmen in Laguna Beach.
I’m a Deuter bike family member, because: Deuter stands for quality, function and durability. I just got back from a volcano bike trip in Ecuador. We slept in huts on 4.600 – 5.000m and the Trans Alpine 30
was again such a functional, super reliable companion… And I felt cosy and warm during the cold and windy nights in my Exosphere -4 sleeping bag.

Date of Birth:
4. Juni 1966
Nickname: No Way Rey
My first bike: 1974. But my first Trial Bike was an ‘adapted’ Bonanza Bike (Schwinn Stingray) 1979.
My favourite Deuter: on short rides the Compact EXP 12 and on my expeditions the Trans Alpine 30
My favourite spots: In Livigno (Italy): Mottolino - Flow Country Trail - Val delle Mine - Carosello 3000 - Val Federia - Livigno (you can take the lift twice if you don’t like the climbs).
Whereabouts: Spring – When I’m not travelling I enjoy being home in Laguna Beach/California. During the summer I spend most of the time touring Europe with my camper. I love the trails around Livigno... In fall I visit several bike trade shows, but I’m also at home in California.
Uphill or Downhill? I prefer downhill, but you gotta get up some way.....

Antje Kramer - descent driven

Antje has taken the German Downhill title seven times, finished third at the Megavalanche Alpe d’Huez and likes the feeling of “comfortable suffering” when training hard. She is working as full-time nurse, yet started racing Enduro and Freeride on top in 2012 – and she works hard for it. But no discipline without the fun aspect – “and I can tell you: I get a lot of this all the time!”
I’m a Deuter bike family member, because: I’m a rather new family member, but the way I was integrated in the team was a fantastic start. I’m super eager to get to know everybody and very proud to become a part of such a special community.

Date of Birth:
Nickname: Die Kramer
My first bike: an Intense M1
My favourite Deuter: Attack 18 SL – it already showed its protective instincts when I had a serious crash recently…
Uphill or Downhill? I prefer downhill. And I like it fast. But uphill is part of the game.


Tanja Hendrysiak - young & wild!

Tanja is 24 years old, yet her bike vita reads like that of an ‘old hand’. She started in 2000 – age 11 – with racing BMX (finishing third at the German Championships in 2005). Then she discovered mountain biking and she is currently successfully competing internationally in 4X races: she has won the night sprints in Riva and Großheppach as well as the European Cup in Winterberg 2011 and 2012. She organizes freeride training camps, where she wants to infect girls with the passion for biking.
I’m a Deuter bike family member, because: Deuter is a company with enormous technically knowledge. As a girl I love the womens’ SL range. And after my bikepack experiences so far, I don’t want to ride with anything else on my back. They just fit perfectly, even on rough downhill rides. They are durable, solid, stylish and lightweight.

Date of Birth:
First bike: neon pink, 16"
My favourite Deuter: Attack 18 SL
Uphill or downhill? Descent please. Definitely downhill.
My favourite spots: Wildkogeltrail, Augsburg home trails, DH in Schladming


Andrea Hahn - Bike is her Business

The greatest moment in Andrea’s life? Giving birth to son Paul. The greatest
moment of clarity in Andrea’s life? When the idea hit her to set up a bike busi-
ness. Her company is called Bike Agentur and is based at Lake Constance.
She develops bike specific marketing concepts for travel destinations and hotels.
I’m a Deuter bike family member, because:I’ve been a member of the SL development team since 2007 and I love working
on the products. The team brings together a whole variety of different girls. I love
the Deuter passion, the drive to improve things, but also the social and ecological
commitment. And this is not about marketing, it’s at the core of the brand – and
you can feel it when you visit the headquarters.

Date of Birth:
Nickname: Miss Huhn
My first bike: 1987, a Specialized Rockhopper.
My favourite Deuter: Trans Alpine Pro 24 SL
My favourite tour: a nice climb of 1000 altitude meters, a flow trail down
and a nice spot to rest.
My favourite spots: Scuol - S-Charl- Alp Astras - Fuorcla Funtana - Tschierv - St. Maria - Umbrail -
Pedenollo - Arnoga - Val Viola - Poschiavo - Berninabahn hoch und Berniantrail bis nach Pontresina.
Uphill or Downhill? I like the climbs and I like flowing down.


Andy Rieger - He's the player!

No chance to get Andy off his bike when he was a child, no chance to get him off the bike today. How lucky he is that he can earn his money on the saddle. He is a certified bike instructor and owner of the bike and travel agency The bike was his favourite toy as a child, and still is today. What Andy is best at? Playing with his bike!
I’m a Deuter bike family member, because:Deuter for me means home. It’s not just a brand. The people behind Deuter live and love sports and are so dedicated. This is exactly what we want to bring across in our courses and camps as well.

Date of Birth:
My first bike: 1992, a Specialized Hard Rock
My favourite Deuter: Attack Tour 28
My favourite spot: So many… Livigno, Kaltern, Chiemgau, Barcelona...
Uphill or Downhill? I prefer downhill, but you climb up first, that’s the way it is.


Katrin Neumann - Ms. Endurance

In 2011, Katrin won the Bike Transalp Challenge with co-rider Martina Sageder. Sports is also her profession: she graduated in sports science, is a corporate sports instructor, works as a mental coach for several athletes and is head of marketing and PR at Mountain Heroes. Yet Katrin not only works hard, she also knows how to enjoy life – preferably if it involves biking and speed…
I’m a Deuter Bike Family member, because: My first proper backpack was a Deuter Freerider and I just took it everywhere. This pack won me over. I love the products, in particular the ones with the SL flower... What is also important for me is Deuter’s honest dedication to social and environmental responsibility. Clever products and a beautiful design engineered and all of that combined with a great atmosphere.

Date of Birth:
My first bike: 2001, a Cube LTD
My favourite Deuter: Attack 18 SL
My favourite tour: In the Allgäu region, the Bildstöckle.
Uphill or Downhill? No pain, no pleasure.


Sonja Granzow

(born 1979) started off with road bike, changed to MTB cross country and somehow went more and more downhill. She ended up competing in Downhill, 4X, Freeride, Enduro and Dirtjump. Meanwhile she became German Champion in Downhill and 4X.
Her favorite activity? Spending as much time as possible in the air...