Choosing The Right Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier

When you purchase a Deuter kid carrier, you’re not only investing in high-quality equipment, you’re laying the foundation for a lifetime of adventure and exploration.

Deuter’s Kid Comfort I, II, and III Carriers offer quality and comfort at every price range. Each pack works for a multitude of activities and promise an impeccable fit. That’s because we build our kid carriers on the same chassis that we use for our all our packs.

Selecting the best carrier for your family is a personal choice. Check out the following matrix to compare the packs, and then read on for specific details:





Kid Comfort I

Our smallest and least expensive carrier, the Kid Comfort I offers terrific ventilation, stable frame construction, and a padded waist belt. This is our lowest profile pack, which makes it easy to maneuver on city streets and public transportation.

Pros: Lightweight and nimble, this pack is slightly bigger than a book bag and won’t feel bulky. Like all the kid carriers, it features a five-point harness and has a padded chin rest.

Cons: The Kid Comfort I’s hip belt does not feature Deuter’s Vari Flex technology. This technology contains a pivoting, flexible construction that conforms to the wearer’s movement. The result? It’s not as comfortable as the KC II or III.

Ideal for: Urban exploration, daily errands, light hikes, travel.

Cost: $199



Kid Comfort II

Weighing in at 6.5 lbs., the Kid Comfort II is our best-selling kid carrier. Parents love the articulating hip belt, which contributes to an unrivaled fit. New improvements include an ergonomic seat for kiddo and a removable, washable headrest.

Pros: Side-entry creates easy access; storage options include a spacious compartment under the seat, several mesh pockets, and zippered pockets on the back and hip belt. The Vari Flex hip belt promotes a comfortable and snug fit; you won’t want to take this pack off.

Cons: The KC II does not include an integrated sunshade, which is available as an accessory purchase.

Ideal for: Urban exploration, daily errands, light and moderate hikes, and travel.

Cost: $239


Kid Comfort III

Meet the Cadillac of kid carriers, the Kid Comfort III. This enduring pack is superbly built and is the largest of Deuter’s kid carriers. With an integrated sunshade, pivoting Vari Flex hip belt, and enough storage to pack for at least one night out, this is the pack you want for major adventures.

Pros: This pack comes with bells and whistles: kneepads on the frame; two handles for lifting; extra soft padded pillow/headrest; rearview mirror stored in the hip pocket; reflective loop for safety light; mesh pockets with teddy bear. All of this complements the impeccable construction, safety, and spaciousness of the carrier.

Cons: At 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 1,220 cubic inches, this is a big pack. We actually consider that a "plus", but for those short on storage space or who will be using their pack in crowded places, the Kid Comfort III may feel big.

Ideal for: Kiddie expeditions; overnight trips; beginner to advanced hikes; cross-country skiing in the winter.

Cost: $299