Sleeping bag maintenance

How do I extend the bag`s lifespan? Take good care


Storage sack
For storage, the fill needs plenty of space to regain and retain its loft. Therefore, store the sleeping bag in a dry place loosely in a large storage sack or pillowcase. Only use the compression sack for transportation.

Stuff it, don’t roll it
When you roll the sleeping bag, the fill is always ‘abused’ on the same spots. This can damage the construction. Stuffing also allows better packability. 

Thorough ventilation
After each use, ventilate the bag thoroughly – e.g. by spreading it on the tent. Minimise washing since it reduces the insulation quality. Only wash the sleeping bag when really necessary. Try to remove small stains with a sponge and lukewarm soap water.

If you wash it – do it gently:
1. Close all straps and loosen all drawcords. 
2. Turn the sleeping bag inside out.
3. Only use special down or synthetic fibre detergents.
    soak the bag in plenty of lukewarm water, gently squeeze and then rinse several times – do not twist or wring the bag!
    Set the machine on the delicate cycle (30°C), rinse several times OR repeat washing program using NO detergent 
    and do not spin! The washing machine should have a capacity of at least 5 kg. 
    Carefully take out the wet, heavy sleeping bag to avoid damage of the fill or down chambers.
5. Gently squeeze as much of the water out as possible. Do not wring it out!
    Tumble dry (min. 7kg) on low (30°C). Add tennis balls for down and tumble dry until the full loft is regained.
    Open it up and spread it out, never hang it up! Down will take several days to dry. Gently fluff up the down clots by 
    hand several times a day. Synthetic fibres dry quickly and do not need to be fluffed up.