The Deuter child carriers are designed for kids that can sit up independently (at around 6 months old – although this can, of course, vary).
The maximum weight (child plus gear) is limited to 22 kg. To this capacity our child carriers have been TÜV tested and approved according to European standards.
Because children grow differently, we make no height specificiations. However, the maximum capacity of 22 kg should not be exceeded.

The regulations for hand luggage depend on the airline.
We therefore recommend to check with your airline regarding hand luggage regulations.
On our website you find the maximum measurements of each product in the details section.

We do not offer the single parts of the mouthpiece as replacements.
However, you can buy – or order – the complete mouthpiece at your local Deuter dealer.

There are no repair sets available for backpacks.

To repair a rucksack you need industrial, heavy-dury sewing machines – so please do not try to repair your backpack at home. Either ask your local saddler or send your backpack directly to our repair service (via your Deuter dealer).

A hole or a rip can often be fixed. Although the patch might stay visible our professional sewers are doing their best to make it usable again.

Please contact your Deuter dealer who will send us your backpack for repair.
Unfortunately we can only specify costs and expenses once we have received and inspected the backpack. Please note: If the product is not repairable extra charges may arise, although the item is sent back without repair (handling fees + shipping costs). Thank you for your understanding.

You can buy the daypacks as replacements at your Deuter dealer. If it is not in stock, the dealer can order the daypack for you. Find a list of Deuter dealers here: >> dealer locator <<

There are no specific rain covers for our kids backpacks, since in our experience children do not use rain covers when not being told.
Thus, we have no rain covers for the packs "Kids", "Waldfuchs" and "Schmusebär". The Rain Cover Mini fits the “Junior” and is available at Deuter dealers.

On our Deuter website you find detailed product information including the respective maximum dimensions (volume + measurement with height, width, depth in cm) as well as the measurements (also volume + measurement) of the rain covers.
If you compare the volume specifications you will easily find the fitting rain cover.

In general the rain cover can be bigger than the backpack and you can use the drawstrings for adjustment. Yet, make sure the rain cover covers the empty backpack as well as the fully loaded backpack. To ensure the rain cover perfectly fits your pack, we recommend trying it when you purchase the Deuter backpack.

However, if you have any questions our customer service is happy to help!

Get all needed information regarding on-flight transportation on the ABS homepage.