Kodi Cage

Name / Age / Location / Nickname
Kodi Cage Sisson 36, Austin TX

What is your core sport(s)?
Running, yoga, hiking, camping, backpacking

What other sports do you participate in or sort of fun do you enjoy?
Cross fit, climbing, coaching soccer

When/what was your first memorable "outdoor" experience?
My parents took my family to Big Bend National Park for a week of camping and hiking. Born and raised in South Texas grass lands - the magnificent mountains, steep-wall canyons, and harsh dessert grandeur evolved a life long need for exploring adventures!

What is your most epic outdoor adventure to date?
Hmmm...could it be the non-stop rain on the Inca Trail, or the Patagonia glaciers - ahh...Mexican volcanos? Or maybe pregnancy tests in the Africa outback. Lightning storm on the Grand Teton vs. 24 hours of labor - twice. Maybe the bears in Yosemite, but I still don't think any of that is more epic than traveling cross country with a 2 and 5 year old with a broken DVD player and lice!

Favorite food?
Mexican food with lots of veggies

What is currently playing in your iPod or cassette deck because cassettes are coming back, you know?
Iron and Wine, Laurie Berkner, Vampire Weekend, Black Eyed Peas, Johnny Cash, Reckless Kelly, Somos Amigos, Trout Fishing In America, Willie Nelson, Jack Johnson, Modest Mouse, U2, Jack Ingram, Gypsy Kings, Band of Horses, Foster the People

If I could do anything, I would most likely...

How do you take your coffee?
STRONG!  (with soy milk and I get really psyched if it is vanilla soy!)

What is your "go-to" Deuter product?
For years it has been the Kid Comfort II !!

Do you like the nightlife? Do you like to boogie?
I am a mom of a 3 and 6 year old. I would love to like the nightlife, but I really like my sleep better. I love the living room boogie though!