Color: fire-cranberry (red)
Article ID: 3700315-5520
Weight: 1420 g
Length: 205 cm
till Bodysize: 185 cm
Shoulder Width: 68 cm
Bottom Width: 43 cm
Pack-Size: ø 18 cm x 43 cm
Outer lining: Deuter Dura Lite RS
Inner lining: Deuter Poly-Lite Soft
Fill: Deuter Thermo ProLoft®
Fillweight: 750 g
Hut Exosphere -4°

The freshly revised, detailed ergonomic cut of the hood and the foot section brings our technical senthetic sleeping bags to perfection. The high-tech construction with its internal and external elastic chamber seams still provides a 25 % expansion in width. This brings the insulation close to the body, eliminating cold spots, yet guaranteeing comfortable freedom of movement.

  • separate drawcords on the ergonomically shaped hood to precise adjustment
  • new, ergonomically shaped foot section perfectly adapted to the natural foot posture, extra insulation section for added warmth
  • Dryzone at the head and feet protect from moisture with a water repellent shell fabric
  • body-warmer fleece inserts made from fluffy brushed Thermo Fleece keep the kidney zones, top and bottom, and the foot zone warm in the SL versions
  • full-length, two-way YKK® zip (coupleable)
  • ti-catch baffle with extra reinforcement
  • internal valuables pocket
  • full compressions stuff sack
  • Exosphere -4° and -8° with warmth collar

Usage: Range of temperature
Information for ranges Comfort Crossover Risk

THE COMFORT RANGE is based on the lowest temperature at which a ‘standard’ woman (25 yrs. / 60 kg / 160 cm) can expect to sleep comfortably in a relaxed position. This range ensures a comfortable sleep, also for inexperienced users.

THE LOWER LIMIT is based on the lowest temperature at which a ‘standard’ adult male (25 yrs. / 70 kg / 173 cm) can expect to sleep comfortably in a relaxed position. An experienced user can optimise the insulation qualities by his choice of clothing and further factors.

EXTREME is a survival only rating for a ‘standard’ adult woman. She can remain for six hours without sleep. Without risk of death from hypothermia, but with a risk of other damages to health (such as frostbite).

Highlights of Exosphere -4°

Optimally suitable for


Construct: Thermo Stretch Comfort


  • Hut Exosphere -4° outdoor Purchase Tip 08/14
    outdoor Purchase Tip 08/14
    The synthetic sleeping bag Exosphere -4° is recommended as a purchase tip in the outdoor edition 8/14. In the category "three-season sleeping bags", the Exosphere scores with the test rating "outstanding". "Conclusion: The Exosphere -4 ° is one of the most powerful synthetic fiber sleeping bags. It combines low weight and pack size with good heat output and comfort."


( material composition: Polyester: 50% / Polyamide: 50% )
Deuter Poly-Lite Soft

Deuter Dura Lite RS

40D Micro Rip Mini

Deuter Thermo ProLoft®